Tom Luongo

Sy Hersh Confirms Trump’s Airstrike a Yuge Blunder

Back in April I told everyone Trump’s airstrike on Syria was an enormous blunder. I took heat from my Twitterati. People dropped off my Periscope feed. I continue to get tweets from people poking at me to confirm their ‘4-d chess’ arguments about Trump’s actions. I don’t normally do “I told you so.”
But this time I am.

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Trump’s Speech to Build on Putin’s Foundation

Trump went to the Middle East to begin crafting the biggest deal of his life. And, as always, he has Vladimir Putin to thank for it. Why? Because it has been Putin that has done the diplomatic and military work during the latter stages of the Obama administration to put a stop to our destructive foreign policy and set the table for everyone to come together and sue for peace.
Yes, I said peace.

Merkel to Fiddle While Europe Burns

Merkel’s re-election in September will be the canary in the EU’s coal mine. It is Merkel’s insistence on punitive measures, her lack of economic understanding and the overly-strong euro that has brought the continent to this crisis point.
Her re-election as Germany’s Chancellor will ensure that nothing changes.