Gallus Vult! A Day of Warning

So please! Share my story! Let the world know of the danger of the Fried Chicken Empire! Don’t let another sweet innocent victim fall prey to the wiles of Christian comfort food!

It may already be too late. I heard recently they infiltrated New York City, the last bastion of the cultural elite & the woke. If that’s true, we are all doomed. For it NYC falls to the chicken cult, what chance does the rest of dumb backwards America have?

And This Award Goes To…

The first amendment is supposed to apply to everyone, no matter what side of the line they fall on. Tiana Dalichov and others of us who oppose the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors have had to answer for what we’ve said and felt, because it did not fit with the popular opinion.

Trolling Has Exposed Racism

I love trolls. I love trolling. I’m anon for life; /pol/ for life! My /pol/ bros, my frogbros, my Internet edgelords – I’ve been part…