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Religion: Is Humanity Ready For Its Next Evolution?

Perhaps we need to ditch the religious crutch we’ve been clinging to for so long and just accept our next evolution.

The world will, perhaps, be a tad less mystical if we do, but who’s to say an evolution beyond religious dogmas, and servitude to non-existent beings wouldn’t be a healthier step for humankind?

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Anger Isn’t The Answer

The problem with trying to forge the counter culture is that there’s no cut and dried roadmap to get where you’re going. It’s just a venture of faith in a way and, being a control freak, I’m not good with faith.

Lauren Southern: Sex Shamer?

It’s been said that Rome, the shining jewel of civilization in the ancient world, was lost when it’s citizens stopped believing in Rome. I am an individual, but I’m also a citizen of America. I need to be true to myself and strive for freedom, but I also have some degree of responsibility to those I share a country with.

When The Men Walked Out

The Right is only half-right when it comes to addressing a crucial societal issue. One concern I have with their diagnosis is that, just as the Left does when pushing the radical feminist agenda, the Right creates a victim class of men who are powerless to help themselves in our culture.

Why I Podcast

I can’t really remember where everything began, but I remember a teacher telling me I had a “voice for radio”. Then at a later point…