NFL Owners Are Wrong. Here’s Why.

What the NFL owners did was technically constitutional being that the NFL is a private organization. But doing this I believe sends the wrong message to Americans, especially to the young people of our country.

Rethinking “White Privilege”

When I was conservative, I thought it was a bad way to vote because of what someone is, now I am seeing by voting for a person of color, it gives their people a voice to be heard.

Dismantling Partisan Culture

The society we’ve created in the last few decades isn’t a society that’s destined to win, no matter how many catchy slogans are concocted and chanted, and who’s team wins the elections.

More Jerry Brown Hypocrisy In California

As Governor Brown continues to push more environmental regulations in California, his hypocrisy continues to go unchecked. Don’t expect the MSM in the deep blue State of California to hold his feet to the fire, either.