The Obama Embarrassment In The Rose Garden

Perhaps Obama’s statement that he didn’t have an embarrassing scandal was the truth. Not that he didn’t have scandals — but that he wasn’t embarrassed by them. Especially Bob Bergdahl praising Allah in the White House Rose Garden. 

Did Obama Help Create Racist Hysteria?

Today, Racism is everywhere according to Hollywood, the media, professional athletes, the education system, social media, elected officials and activism groups. We went from hearing…

Sorry DACA Repicients, We Don’t Owe You Anything

As long as you insist on treating DACA recipients as a mass collective of Only Good People Who Did Nothing Wrong, as long as you insist on “No borders, No USA!”, as long as you ignore law and order and reality, my answer to “DREAMers” will be this: wake the f*ck up, blame your parents, and have fun in Mexico.