josh carter

Debating A Theist: Why I Remain Unconvinced of God

Humans once believed the world was flat, now we know it’s round. Humans once believed the universe revolved around earth, now we know we revolve around the sun. Humans once thought disease was the work of the devil and his minions, yet the advent of epidemiology has shed light upon the patterns and causes of diseases, and modern medicine has cured the incurable.

It is my contention that science will also, in time, explain the details of human origins.

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Mass Shootings: The Untold Story

Yes, these aren’t the the solutions that will make nightly news. They aren’t quick fixes that make great audio soundbites for politicians to pander to their constituents with. They aren’t “mic drop” moments on Twitter and you’ll rarely get this deep on other social platforms, however, if we truly want to cure the disease which is destroying our culture it’s time to better understand it, and to invest in actual medicine, not band-aids.

Religion: Is Humanity Ready For Its Next Evolution?

Perhaps we need to ditch the religious crutch we’ve been clinging to for so long and just accept our next evolution.

The world will, perhaps, be a tad less mystical if we do, but who’s to say an evolution beyond religious dogmas, and servitude to non-existent beings wouldn’t be a healthier step for humankind?

Stop Playing Social Media’s Game

We have technology and immense potential to create something better. We have the means through this vast, interconnected network to share genuinely good ideas with each other, to learn about those who are different than ourselves and to create conversations that matter and add value to the human experience.

We are wasting that potential in our prosperity and boredom.

Modern Slavery: How It Affects You…

Slavery still exists today. It takes many forms, but make no mistake, even though we aren’t locked in a cell we are certainly prisoners to an extent. Perhaps our freedom begins when we have the courage to challenge the narratives we’re fed about what is “necessary” and “good for our society” and choose to determine those things for ourselves. Not because some old guy in a suit said so.

Charlottesville: What Comes Next

We must reaffirm our first principles as Americans, choose to listen openly to those who disagree with us, and put government back into its proper role.

Short of accomplishing those goals, the forecast doesn’t look too sunny for the future of the American Republic.