Islam And The Cage We Live In

We have two choices. Either we put ourselves in a mental cage, doing just enough that we can pretend we tried to stop what’s coming, or we do the only thing that has ever worked.
Total warfare.

An Answer To The Theory Of Reality

A co worker who I have recently opened the door of communication with recently wrote an article called The Theory of Reality in Arguments.…

The Theory of Reality in Arguements

Stefanie MacWilliams, our favorite Editor-at-Large, has recently converted to Catholicism and has been on a bit of a tear when it comes to writing thought-provoking…

The Most Savage Warrior Of All

Because what feminism doesn’t realize, and what Islam doesn’t realize, and what evil in general cannot realize, is that it is the unexpected warriors who are the most savage of all. It is the gentle mother who wants a man to take care of her who will rip your f*cking throat out if you come near something that matters to her. 

The Obama Embarrassment In The Rose Garden

Perhaps Obama’s statement that he didn’t have an embarrassing scandal was the truth. Not that he didn’t have scandals — but that he wasn’t embarrassed by them. Especially Bob Bergdahl praising Allah in the White House Rose Garden. 

Modesty, Even Religious Modesty, Is Not The Problem

I could not shake a simple truth in my own heart: sex is not simply an act. It has meaning.
The idea that it is simply an animalistic and meaningless thing, that the pleasure of sex (even “safe sex”) itself could somehow be enjoyed absent any consequences is absurd to my thinking. 
And If sex has meaning, would it not then follow that the actions I take in my life surrounding sex have consequences?