Google’s Social Justice On Trial

Being cautiously optimistic, the Google case very well could become a referendum on the social justice ideology that HR departments across the country have been subscribing to.

Antitrust Regulation is a Cop-Out (A Rebuttal to Tiana Dalichov)

American freedom is, at its foundation, rooted in limited government and private property rights. That’s what makes us different. The Bill of Rights is a document which preserves this distinction between public authority and the rights of private citizens, and as such the First Amendment protects our ability to speak out against those we’ve given a monopoly on force without fear of being violently suppressed. It is not a mandate to infringe on the property of others because one feels that life isn’t fair.

Alt-Tech and the Right

One day your business has reached over one million dollars in crowd funding for your app, an app running on a platform of being truly…