Free Speech

NFL Owners Are Wrong. Here’s Why.

What the NFL owners did was technically constitutional being that the NFL is a private organization. But doing this I believe sends the wrong message to Americans, especially to the young people of our country.

Taking Hate Speech to Task

Hate Speech is something that cannot be defined. I’m not going to try to do that in this article, but apparently Stockton University believes a…

The Boiling Frog Of Liberty

The fable of the boiling frog described how a frog can be boiled alive as long as the water is heated very slowly. Raise the temperature too fast, and the frog will recognize it is in danger and leap out of the pot to safety! This metaphor is often used to demonstrate how incremental threats are often tolerated until it is too late. 
This is the case of liberty.

The New Church Ladies

The most interesting part of the modern day temperance movement pushed by the safe spacers and groups like BAMN and Antifa is they don’t even realize they have become the very things they used to hate.

I’m Offended! My Poor, Poor Feels!

Grow the hell up! If you want to respect a flag, go buy one and bathe with it if you have to. Go download the Anthem and put it on repeat while you sleep. But do stop demanding everyone else abide your personal standards.