Sy Hersh Confirms Trump’s Airstrike a Yuge Blunder

Back in April I told everyone Trump’s airstrike on Syria was an enormous blunder. I took heat from my Twitterati. People dropped off my Periscope feed. I continue to get tweets from people poking at me to confirm their ‘4-d chess’ arguments about Trump’s actions. I don’t normally do “I told you so.”
But this time I am.

Burning Down The American Dream

War may come, culture may crumble and reshape, and over that, I have no dominion. I can accept, with trepidation, that the end of the American Dream as it was may disappear for a while. My love affair with America may be a sweet summer dream, not a lifelong marriage. Timing is cruel that way.

Why the New Right and the Alt-Right are on the Rise

What the left needs to understand is that while Trump may have been a catalyst he is not the reason that these movements have grown and new groups have been formed. Essentially they created their own monster and now they have to live with it and the new conservative movement is likely, here to stay.

Suffrage for Abolition

Modern day feminists push the narrative that first wave feminism was pushed because women wanted the right to vote for themselves, while some women may…