European Union

Italy’s Election Hot-Button Issue Is Immigration

Italians could adopt a sharply more nationalistic direction and begin to clean-up of the mess created by the more leftist parties. How it all plays out—which parties are potential partners to govern, and can any coalition be effective—is key to derailing the EU experiment and saving a great culture.

Merkel to Fiddle While Europe Burns

Merkel’s re-election in September will be the canary in the EU’s coal mine. It is Merkel’s insistence on punitive measures, her lack of economic understanding and the overly-strong euro that has brought the continent to this crisis point.
Her re-election as Germany’s Chancellor will ensure that nothing changes.

Make No Mistake, The EU is Scared of Le Pen

After yesterday’s first round in the French election the EU is breathing a sigh of relief. The dreaded result of the two anti-EU candidates, Front Nationale’s Marine Le Pen and Communist Jean-Luc Melenchon advancing to the May 7th run-off election did not come to pass.