Incels: The Frankenstein’s Monster of Feminism

If feminism continues to treat sex as something that everyone is entitled to, then expect more incels to come forward to say, “Oh yeah? What about me?!”

And like Frankenstein’s monster, the results, while perhaps well-intended, will not be pretty. 

Open Letter to Trump Supporters

Making America Great should involve all Americans, not just Trump supporters. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to be nice to people, give a nice compliment or word of encouragement. Everyone deals with stress. Let’s really make America great – it that doesn’t have to involve a specific agenda. 

The Death of Art: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Art is a powerful tool for communicating ideas in a way that conveys nuance and empathy – two things we on the Right are often falsely accused of lacking. America is an awesome place. Conservatives have awesome ideas and traditions. It would be nice to see these things depicted in art more frequently in a way that appeals to the common humanity of those on the Right and the Left at home and abroad.