Why Marxism, Without Fail, Always Fails.

Only the most arrogant of fools think that American socialists are somehow so much more virtuous than their non-American counterparts. Collectivism has always failed, and it always WILL fail, whether you try it here, there, or on a deserted island paradise with all your collectivist friends. It never works, not even in America. Of course, that might be why none of those calling for American socialism are ever willing to move to Venezuela or North Korea.

The sooner the Left can understand and accept that, the better off the world will be.

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Dear Millennials: Socialism Can Only Make Things Worse

By all means if you want to try what has already been tried, many, many times, and failed, each and every time, go ahead and support another stodgy, aging white collectivist like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. 
But if you want to try something radical and fairly revolutionary, try American liberty as outlined and intended by the Founders.