Civil war

As Americans Feast, Children Starve in Yemen

As we partake in our usual traditions we would do well to remember those in Yemen and elsewhere and resolve ourselves to change this reality one step at a time. This begins with fixing the mess we’ve made here which has led to tragedies abroad.

Burning Down The American Dream

War may come, culture may crumble and reshape, and over that, I have no dominion. I can accept, with trepidation, that the end of the American Dream as it was may disappear for a while. My love affair with America may be a sweet summer dream, not a lifelong marriage. Timing is cruel that way.

Trump-Hate, Julius Caesar, and American Civil War

When half of American citizens are indoctrinated to hate everything the other half of the Republic stands for and believes in that’s a big deal. It’s time for the America to step back from the brink or as Savage warns, “There’s going to be a civil war”.