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Google Blocks Justice Ginsburg Pneumonia Report

Google is blocking reports that Justice Ginsburg has developed pneumonia following her surgeries. This according to a Santa Monica Observer story which says the 85-year-old has...

Alex Jones, YouPorn and the New Resistance

Rey; “How do we rebuild The Resistance from this…?” Leia: “We have everything we need.” — The Last Jedi Monday’s coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars was...

Antitrust Regulation is a Cop-Out (A Rebuttal to Tiana Dalichov)

American freedom is, at its foundation, rooted in limited government and private property rights. That's what makes us different. The Bill of Rights is a document which preserves this distinction between public authority and the rights of private citizens, and as such the First Amendment protects our ability to speak out against those we've given a monopoly on force without fear of being violently suppressed. It is not a mandate to infringe on the property of others because one feels that life isn't fair.

Report: Reddit Disabled Comments During Trump Rally

Users of the news/discussion website Reddit are alleging that Reddit's comments were disabled site-wide for a period this evening, and that, coincidentally, that period...

Knowing Your Limits When It Comes To Free Speech

I would advocate an ancient Greek aphorism which still holds true when it comes to navigating the marketplace of ideas: "Know thyself". Know thyself well indeed.

Censorship, Turmoil and Zebras in America

In the midst of the daily chaos in Trumpland the only truths one might reasonably expect to hold are Newton’s laws of motion, more...

Montana Moves To Ban Foreign Laws As Canada Heads Toward Censorship

By, Rob McLean Robcan be reached at rob@halseynews.com for questions or comments.

Mainstream Regressive Censorship [VIDEO]

"You're his competition, he's not gonna have you on his show." Gary from Queens, a caller into the Savage Nation broadcast was explaining to Dr....

Is YouTube Attempting To Hide “The American Dream”? [VIDEO]

The Federal Reserve is the most mysterious entity in the United States, mostly because it isn't actually part of our government.The Fed has almost...
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