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Toward A Post-Globalist Europe

Bye-bye Brussels, auf wiedersehen Merkel. The post-globalist Europe is emerging before our eyes.

Is the Year of Political Hell Over or Just Beginning for...

In the same way that I believe Theresa May in the U.K. was made Prime Minister because she is weak, Schultz was put up against Merkel to ensure her victory and, possibly give her a majority government for the first time in her four terms.

Merkel to Fiddle While Europe Burns

Merkel’s re-election in September will be the canary in the EU’s coal mine. It is Merkel’s insistence on punitive measures, her lack of economic understanding and the overly-strong euro that has brought the continent to this crisis point. Her re-election as Germany’s Chancellor will ensure that nothing changes.

Merkel: Rock, Meet Hard Place

One of the great questions in physics is what happens when an immovable object is acted upon by an irresistible force. Well, geopolitically speaking, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is about to find out.
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