Google’s Social Justice On Trial

Being cautiously optimistic, the Google case very well could become a referendum on the social justice ideology that HR departments across the country have been subscribing to.

Finding Alinsky In The Mirror

Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals is an incredibly valuable book. I just see the truths within it as having an entirely different utility than Alinsky did. I see Alinsky in the mirror. Somewhat, at least.
I suspect you do, too. 

In The Shadows: Two Faces in the Movement

We are strong, life is short, and we are fighting our own war for society, for
our peoples, and for our civilizations.  And so, we are two people at once: the safe one and the
trending topic.

How to Change the Game in 2018

So let’s take a look at 2018 through a new lens, make our actions meaningful, and not find ourselves regretting mediocre outcomes this coming December and wishing for a “better 2019”.

What Identity Politics Is – And What It Is Not

The lock-step identity politics left is politically successful – but their cancerous outcomes are not long for this discourse because the truth is largely not on their side.
When we stop being rigorous and self-critical, we lose for the long term.