Articles by Katie Jensen

The Identitarians: Our New Youth

The identitarians are our future, our youth, and the beginning of something new and fresh for identity politics and for our homelands. The identitarians are a movement and a people. Our present – but also our past. Identity is our core, it’s our innate being, a spirit that lives inside us that we cannot deny, identity is soul and our identity makes us whole.

Did Obama Help Create Racist Hysteria?

Today, Racism is everywhere according to Hollywood, the media, professional athletes, the education system, social media, elected officials and activism groups. We went from hearing…

In The Shadows: Two Faces in the Movement

We are strong, life is short, and we are fighting our own war for society, for
our peoples, and for our civilizations.  And so, we are two people at once: the safe one and the
trending topic.

The New Church Ladies

The most interesting part of the modern day temperance movement pushed by the safe spacers and groups like BAMN and Antifa is they don’t even realize they have become the very things they used to hate.