Articles by Josh Carter

Charlottesville: What Comes Next

We must reaffirm our first principles as Americans, choose to listen openly to those who disagree with us, and put government back into its proper role.

Short of accomplishing those goals, the forecast doesn’t look too sunny for the future of the American Republic.

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Anger Isn’t The Answer

The problem with trying to forge the counter culture is that there’s no cut and dried roadmap to get where you’re going. It’s just a venture of faith in a way and, being a control freak, I’m not good with faith.

Lauren Southern: Sex Shamer?

It’s been said that Rome, the shining jewel of civilization in the ancient world, was lost when it’s citizens stopped believing in Rome. I am an individual, but I’m also a citizen of America. I need to be true to myself and strive for freedom, but I also have some degree of responsibility to those I share a country with.