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And This Award Goes To…

The first amendment is supposed to apply to everyone, no matter what side of the line they fall on. Tiana Dalichov and others of us who oppose the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors have had to answer for what we’ve said and felt, because it did not fit with the popular opinion.

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The Death of Art: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Art is a powerful tool for communicating ideas in a way that conveys nuance and empathy – two things we on the Right are often falsely accused of lacking. America is an awesome place. Conservatives have awesome ideas and traditions. It would be nice to see these things depicted in art more frequently in a way that appeals to the common humanity of those on the Right and the Left at home and abroad.

Google’s Social Justice On Trial

Being cautiously optimistic, the Google case very well could become a referendum on the social justice ideology that HR departments across the country have been subscribing to.

Net Neutrality: Understanding The Arguments

It is important to remember that, With the exception of those tyrants who seek to manipulate the internet, we are all on the same team. We all basically agree that access to information is not something that should be controlled.