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Why Marxism, Without Fail, Always Fails.

Only the most arrogant of fools think that American socialists are somehow so much more virtuous than their non-American counterparts. Collectivism has always failed, and it always WILL fail, whether you try it here, there, or on a deserted island paradise with all your collectivist friends. It never works, not even in America. Of course, that might be why none of those calling for American socialism are ever willing to move to Venezuela or North Korea.

The sooner the Left can understand and accept that, the better off the world will be.

Gallus Vult! A Day of Warning

So please! Share my story! Let the world know of the danger of the Fried Chicken Empire! Don’t let another sweet innocent victim fall prey to the wiles of Christian comfort food!

It may already be too late. I heard recently they infiltrated New York City, the last bastion of the cultural elite & the woke. If that’s true, we are all doomed. For it NYC falls to the chicken cult, what chance does the rest of dumb backwards America have?

Fascist is as Fascist does: Why the Left are the Real Fascists

Pointing to one’s political rivals and calling them Fascist or Nazi is the lowest form of political rhetoric, regardless who does it. But given the history of Fascism and how easily the 14 points the Left loves to trot out can be connected to the Left, maybe the Left should exercise a little more discretion when casting aspersion on the Right? Something about throwing stones in glass houses?

After all: Fascist is as Fascist does. 

What Gives You the Right?

There can be no reasoning with those who choose violence over persuasion; compromise requires that we give up something of value in exchange for something you have to offer that we value more. The only thing you could offer us in exchange for our silent, obedient consent is peace –a peace you will always threaten to shatter the moment it is politically convenient for you. And peace is something we have a right to take for ourselves, forcibly if we must, and without compromise. 

After all, it’s our God-given right to be left the hell alone. 

The Boiling Frog Of Liberty

The fable of the boiling frog described how a frog can be boiled alive as long as the water is heated very slowly. Raise the temperature too fast, and the frog will recognize it is in danger and leap out of the pot to safety! This metaphor is often used to demonstrate how incremental threats are often tolerated until it is too late. 
This is the case of liberty.

The House Built on the Rock: Restoring our American Identity

There will always be tension. There will always be conflict. We will never agree on everything 100%. But let us agree on certain fundamentals: Natural Rights and Natural Law, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Let these be the foundation of the American Nation, our North star, our guiding light, the Cause to which we, like our forefathers before us, “mutually pledge…our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” 

Because a house built on anything else, will not stand the storm. 

Being for Small Government Isn’t the Same as Being Anti-Government

Only in America have human beings tried to break that cycle between tyranny and anarchy by forming a government that was limited in size and scope, yet large enough to maintain good peace and order.

This is ultimately what Conservatism is about: preserving the sort of government established by the Constitution and declared as good and right in the Declaration; making sure that the “supreme Law of the Land” is adequately enforced, without infringing on the rights of individuals.