Articles by David Weissman

Rethinking “White Privilege”

When I was conservative, I thought it was a bad way to vote because of what someone is, now I am seeing by voting for a person of color, it gives their people a voice to be heard.

Open Letter to Trump Supporters

Making America Great should involve all Americans, not just Trump supporters. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to be nice to people, give a nice compliment or word of encouragement. Everyone deals with stress. Let’s really make America great – it that doesn’t have to involve a specific agenda. 

Yes, You Can Praise Presidents You Don’t Always Agree With

I know many conservatives felt they were belittled and put down by him, but I think that what he was trying to do was help them to see what it’s like to see how other Americans see the world. Different races, different cultures, and different faith outlooks.

He was truly looking out for all Americans, even the ones that didn’t want to see it. 

Leave The Clintons Alone

If conservatives do not like the hatred towards Trump, then the hate should stop with them too. Many conservatives are supposed to be religious, patriotic Americans, please act like it. Give Hilary Clinton and her family the courtesy, decency they deserve.

An Open Letter To David Hogg

I know that this moment will be with you for the rest of your life.

Now with that being said? You want to be a gun control activist. As an American Vet, I respect your free speech right to stand up for something you believe in and your hope to make a change. What I have a problem with is that you don’t respect the free speech of your critics.

The March For Our Lives: Considering Both Sides

With facts on both sides, I haven’t made up my mind on this issue. However, I support the Parkland kids using their  Constitutional right to free speech to make their voice heard, and I support the Second Amendment and believe that it shall not be infringed.

Unpopular Opinion: Don’t Fire Mueller

There is perception, and then there’s reality. Right now it can be difficult to tell the difference. I personally believe as a Trump supporter that Trump should not fire Mueller. Let him finish this investigation. If there is no collusion, then there should be nothing to worry about and we can all move on.