Grisly Cartel Murders On Arizona Border

More cartel murders near the Arizona border.

According to a Breitbart report:

Cartel violence in the Mexican border state of Sonora continues in 2019 with the police discovery of four male bodies dumped in a canal this week.

Each corpse displayed signs of torture and deadly strangulation. The four men were reportedly kidnapped by armed gunmen on Saturday, according to local reports.

The grisly discovery was made at approximately 2 am Sunday when local police responded to a rural area near Pueblo Yaqui, located in southern Sonora within the municipality of Cajeme. Authorities found two victims dumped in a canal on the north side of a street and two others in a separate canal to the south.

Each victim was restrained with hands behind their backs and appeared strangled with ropes around their necks. One had a piece of wood attached to the rope, similar to a tourniquet. The four victims were later identified as Raúl Antonio G. M., Jesús Raúl A. A., Iván M. G., and Manuel de Jesús V. They were handed over to a forensics team of the state attorney general’s office.

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