Fallen Hero Arnaud Beltrame Not Honored Because It May Offend Muslims

Heroes and what they did that made them heroes are something that should always be remembered. Heroes are people who often times do something extraordinary under the hardest of circumstances. The American citizens who crashed the last place that was still in the sky on 9/11. Those are heroes. A mother who died in Texas on the first day of school, but saved three children in the process when she got them out of the way of a car. She’s a hero. A name that many Americans may not be familiar with, Arnaud Beltrame. He’s a hero.

It has been seven months since an ISIS terrorist took over a supermarket in Trebes on March 24. The Muslim who was responsible for the events that occured on March 24 was armed with a handgun, a hunting knife, and three bombs. Upon entering the supermarket he killed two people and took others who were in the supermarket hostage. While the Muslim was inside the supermarket with the hostages, Arnaud Beltrame was able to successfully negotiate the release of the last hostage. She was a female cashier who just happened to work at the wrong store on the wrong day. Her life could have come to a tragic end that day, but Arnaud Beltrame said he was not going to let that happen. Not to her, not on that day. His actions that day allowed for her to live another day and who knows how many days after that day. Arnaud Beltrame made the ultimate trade that day. Himself in exchange for the female cashier.

When Arnaud Beltrame got inside the supermarket he placed his phone down with its line open so that law enforcement who were outside the supermarket could hear what was taking place inside. There was an intense three hour stand off that took place between the 25 year old Muslim terrorist, Radouane Lakdim, and the police who were outside the supermarket. The negotiation that saved the woman’s life was the last successful negotiation that would take place in this event on March 24. After three intense hours the Muslim stabbed Arnaud Beltrame and killed him.

Arnaud Beltrame is a hero who deserves to be remembered. He is a hero that deserves some tribute to be paid in respect to the ultimate sacrifice that he made seven months ago. He deserves to be honored… unless honoring him will offend Muslims. Leftist elected officials in Marseilles feel that honoring the fallen hero who died at the hands of a Muslim terrorist would be seen as offensive to other Muslims.

During a town council with Marseille’s elected officials the 7th district National Rally mayor, Stephane Ravier, said, “Leftist elected officials, socialist and communist, refused that a place in the 15th district be named after Arnaud Beltrame, in the first time, they’ve said, under fallacious pretext, that this place wasn’t prestigious enough, before telling the truth in these terms: we are on the field, we witnessed that the population has changed and if we give the name of Arnaud Beltrame in this district, the population will take that as a provocation”.


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