Trump Jersey Got High School Principal Kicked Out of School

There are a large number of Americans who do not think too fondly of President Trump. This is something that is okay. There has never been a president in the United States that was liked by everybody. What is not okay is when Americans who do not like President Trump believe that they can step on the First Amendment rights of others who do like him. It is this reason that a high school principal in North Carolina has found herself replaced one week after she made one of her students remove a jersey that had the number 45 on the front and back, and had President Donald Trump’s name on the back of it.

Students at Hartnett Central High School were encouraged to dress with a patriotic theme for a football game that took place on October 5. According to what the former principal of Hartnett Central High School, Cindy Gordon, said to the student there were some people who were at the football game that were not comfortable with the jersey that he was wearing. She claimed that people at the game felt the jersey that featured Trump’s name was too political and asked the student to remove the jersey.

The Hartnett school system made the announcement that Cindy Gordon has been replaced as principal at Hartnett Central High School, Friday October 12. The district acknowledged that the reason for the change is because of the exchange that took place between former principal, Cindy Gordon, and the student who she asked to remove the Trump jersey. According to the statement that the district issued Friday the changes in leadership at Hartnett Central High School is effective immediately.

Hartnett Central parent Mike Collins brought the situation to public attention when he told the local news station about what took place at the football game that was played on October 5. Tim Pulliam of ABC news tweeted “A father tells me his son was asked by the school principal to remove this jersey during a patriotic-themed football game after people complained. Dad, a registered Democrat, says his son complied but felt humiliated. @HarnettCoSchool says it supports expression not disruptions”


After naming Catherine Jones as the new principal at Hartnett Central High School, the district issued a statement to the media. The statement issued by the district said, “Again, we want to emphasize that Harnett County Schools supports and affirms students’ rights to express themselves — including wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates or officeholders — in ways that are not expected to disrupt school or school events.” The status of Cindy Gordon’s employment was never mentioned by the district.

An attorney representing the Collins family has reported that the family is pleased that the school board and county were quick to take action in correcting the issue. At the time of this writing it is unknown whether or not the family will take further legal action, but it is believed that Friday’s announcement will factor into their decision.


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