FBI and New York Local Authorities Prevent Election Day Suicide Bombing Plot

After they were notified by a person who lives in Pennsylvania, authorities were able to prevent what would have been one of the worse bombings to happen on American soil. A 56 year old man from New York, Paul Rosenfeld, built a bomb in Rockland County that he intended to detonate on election day at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Rosenfeld was angry about the way that the country’s direction and intended to put an end to a conspiracy by Republicans to suspend the electoral process. He was arrested by the FBI and local authorities Wednesday morning. When they searched his house the authorities found a full functioning explosive device that weighed 200 pounds, along with a fusing system for triggering explosive devices, and what is believed to be empty canisters of black powder.

Paul Rosenfeld is just one example of the exact kind of people that Senator Rand Paul worries will be triggered by the words of Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Eric Holder and countless other Democrats who are less than responsible with the words they choose to say. If authorities and the FBI had not received a tip from the person in Pennsylvania there is no way to know how many people Rosenfeld may have killed on election day. FBI Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney said, “had he been successful, Rosenfeld’s alleged plot could have claimed the lives of innocent bystanders and caused untold destruction.”

According to several news reports it was Paul Rosenfeld’s intention to draw attention “sortition.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “sortition” it was a form of democracy that was practiced by the ancient Athenians. Under the Athenian democracy sortition was used as the primary method for appointing political officials. In contrast to elections which often determine leaders by the vote of the people, sortition determined it’s leaders through luck of the lottery. Most of the media reports do not mention that the would be terrorist shows leftist sympathies.

Paul Rosenfeld blamed what he called corporate influence on democracy, on Christian political philosophies. Some where in the middle of all of his insanity Rosenfeld got the idea that Republicans would one day claim that terrorists had managed to penetrate the Democratic party in order to keep future elections from taking place and permanently secure their position in the White House.

While the FBI and the authorities were fortunate and able to save countless lives from being taken by the leftist sympathizer, Paul Rosenfeld, one can not let their guard down and relax heading into the mid-term elections as long as the media continues to rationalize the violent actions of these kind of people. Instead American patriots have to pay close attention to those who are in their vicinity and try to watch for the next Paul Rosenfeld that has not been found by the authorities. It has been less than a week since the words of Hillary Clinton may have triggered the next cell of leftist terrorists that are ready to create as much violence as they possibly can.

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