President Trump Signs New Law That Will Protect Musical Artists

One day after he made prescription medicine cheaper for Americans all over the country, President Trump found himself surrounded by big name musicians such as Kanye West and Kid Rock. With a few strokes of his pen President Trump made sure that music artists would receive the respect that they deserve as he turned the Music Modernization Act into law Thursday morning. Efforts to see this law passed started years ago, and was renewed just last year. The law that President Trump put into place earlier Thursday morning have created a whole new set of business conditions when it comes to the music publishing industry.

As he sat in front of the Music Modernization Act getting ready to sign it into law President Trump said, “the Music Modernization Act closes loopholes in our digital royalties laws to ensure that songwriters, artists and producers receive fair payment for licensing of music. “I’ve been reading about this for many years and never thought I’d be involved in it, but I got involved in it. They were treated very unfairly. They’re not going to be treated unfairly anymore.”

Several big names turned out to witness President Trump sign the Music Modernization Act into law. The list of those who attended Thursday morning’s historic signing include Kid Rock, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, country music singers Craig Morgan and John Rich just to name a few. Thursday mornings signing was an event that many performers in the music industry have been trying to get done for a long time. One legend of soul music Sam Moore said, “with Mr. Bush we couldn’t get it done. When Mr. Obama was in we couldn’t get it done. But we got it done with this man.”

Many in the music industry welcome the partnership between their industry and the tech industry, because for too long music performers and song writers have had to struggle too hard to get what should have always been theirs to begin with. Despite the division across the country that has put Americans against each other, for a short period of time the love of music brought both Democrats and Republicans together and helped opposing communities reach across party lines to see the Music Modernization Act passed and turned into law.

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