Migrant Celebrates Becoming A Citizen of Sweden By Raping Woman

There are many ways that one may choose to celebrate when they have just received citizenship in a country that they wish to call home. They may throw a party at their home with friends and family. They may go out to a nice dinner with their wife and children. They may even go to a bar for a night with the guys or girls depending upon their gender. All of these can be fun for all involved and are an acceptable way to celebrate such a special occasion. One 29 year old migrant who had just received his Swedish citizenship chose to celebrate his new status a different way. After earning his Swedish citizenship the migrant chose to rape a woman.

During an evening earlier this summer in July, the unnamed 29 year old migrant took his victim to a concrete bathing pier in Ingaro. Once they reached the bathing pier he pushed the woman into the water where he proceeded to rape her. Poor swimming skills made the woman an easier target to be preyed upon by the 29 year old once he had her in the water. Each time she would try to scream for help he pulled back hard on her hair forcing her mouth under water.

After he forced her mouth under water where she could not breathe and no one could hear her screams the unnamed migrant warned her to keep quiet and said that because he was a citizen he could do whatever he wanted now. Fria Tider reported that the victim said, “He said he could do what he wanted with me because he recently became a Swedish citizen.”

At his trial he tried to claim that the sexual experience that occured between the two of them was consensual. It was only after the local authorities rejected his claim that the woman willingly had sex with him that the migrant confessed what he did was wrong.

Along with his guilty plea he told the court that after he was done raping the woman he invited his victim to see an imam. He said, “when you are a female Muslim, you hold virginity until you marry. As the sun rose, I asked Allah for forgiveness.”

The judge sentenced him to three years in prison and has given him a fine that is a little over $13,000 to pay the victim. His recent change in citizenship status protects him from being deported.

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