George Soros And Other Democrats Paying Protesters To Stop Kavanaugh

It was not that long ago when an article was written that questioned the motive behind those who wished to disrupt the Judge Brett Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings was called into question. The question that was asked on day one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings was were we all hearing the sound of passionate demonstrators or well paid activism? As the writer of that article I tried to do the ethical and responsible thing, the fair thing, and give well known names like Linda Sarsour and Hollywood actress Piper Perabo a chance to speak out against the accusations that were made that day against the protesters? At that time neither of these women responded to the questions that I personally sent them using the social media platform Twitter so that they could share their side with the whole world. Now maybe they did not see those questions that I posted to them. This is quite possible. It is also quite possible that these two women chose not to respond to what has now been revealed to the be the truth. A friend of mine, Pamela Williams, has brought it to my attention that activists who protested against Judge Brett Kavanaugh revealed that several left wing groups that receive their funding from the million dollar man himself George Soros and other financially well off Democratic donors give money to protesters who were arrested while disrupting Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings. These revelations were first released by the activists Monday night.

A group of left wing organizations including Women’s March and various others have come together as one and scheduled near constant disruptions at the hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh in an attempt to prevent the hearings from being able to take place. These plans have been put in place going all the way back to when it was first announced that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was President Trump’s nominee to become the newest member of the Supreme Court. The groups who are serving as the middle man between George Soros and those who he is actually paying to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearings pay out a small cash sum to the protesters to take care of the low level crimes that they are arrested for while allowing them to avoid serving time in jail. A conference call was made between several members of the groups as they put in place plans to protest Thursday and this up coming Monday.

A reporter from the Daily Caller was able to take part in the conference call that occured Monday night after they received a tip with the dial in code. They were present for the entire conference call and learned some very interested details. One of the many things that was learned during the conference call was that if protesters did not show up with their own money for the post and forfeits at the up coming protest that are expected to take place Thursday and Monday then the people in charge of the protests could easily make arrangements to get it to the activists before any action was taken. Several of the left wing protesters found themselves praised for being willing to put their bodies on the line over and over again.

There does not seem to be any need for the Thursday protest to go forward as was originally planned since the Senate postponed the Kavanaugh confirmation vote after the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford were brought to light last Thursday. From the first moment that Senator Diane Feinstein of California first made mention of these accusations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, he has claimed his innocence. This time it is simply not enough for the activists to interrupt the hearing that is scheduled to take place on Monday. They intend to try to stop the Kavanaugh hearing from taking place all together. A warning has been issued by things are going to get very very ugly on Monday.




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