There Is Always A Plan B, For Democrats Who Failed To Stop Kavanaugh, Plan B Is Christine Blasey Ford

After sitting on a letter that concerns an incident that allegedly occured in the past of Judge Brett Kavanaugh it is rather convenient timing that Democrats only now just brought the letter to the attention of the public when they have had two months to act upon it. I am reminded of the words of a wrestler named Triple H, “there’s always a plan B.” Since they failed to destroy him in the recent hearings that took place there is no other way to see this letter as anything more than Senator Diane Feinstein’s plan B. Democrats would love for America to believe the legitimacy of this letter concerning an incident that allegedly occured in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’ past. There is only one major problem. If Democrats were not concerned enough to bring this to the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the hearings, what is it that has changed since those hearings? What makes this letter so much more important now? The fact that it is about time for a vote to be cast that would make Judge Brett Kavanaugh the next justice on the Supreme Court is the only thing that has changed. That change makes the timing of the revealing of this letter make Senator Diane Feinstein and the other Democrats look weak and desperate.

As all of America probably knows by now the writer of the letter is a professor from Palo Alto University in California named Christine Blasey Ford. In the letter that she wrote about an incident that there was an act of sexual misconduct committed by a 17 year old Judge Brett Kavanaugh when she was only 15 years old. He allegedly held her down upon a bed against her will and molested her at a party that took place at a friends house. It is her claim that the incident was so severe that she was afraid for her life, because she was afraid that a drunken Kavanaugh might accidentally kill her as he was allegedly trying to remove her clothing during the attack. She further claims that the attack only came to a stop after Mark Judge jumped on them and knocked all three of them off the bed. This intervention supposedly allowed for her to quickly leave the bedroom and run to a bathroom where she hid until the two boys went back downstairs.

If this incident took place then it is fortunate that over time Christine Blasey Ford was able to receive the help that she needs to deal with such a traumatic experience. As a rape survivor myself who had to survive several attacks at the hands of a male relative I personally know first hand how traumatic such an experience can be. With that in mind America has seen the #Me Too movement and Title IX destroy the lives of the accused before they ever even step foot inside a courtroom and are convicted. Due process demands that the accused be presumed innocent until proven guilty and as unpopular as this stance may be I prefer to stand on the side of due process. Due process demands that we consider different scenarios and ask questions. With that in mind lets have a look at what we have.

What we have is the word of a woman claiming that this incident took place in the early 1980’s and there were three people in that bedroom. What this means is we have four sides of the story. The American people will only ever know three of the sides. We have the side of Christine Blasey Ford who contends that the sexual misconduct occured and only came to an end after Mark Judge knocked all three of them off the bed. Then there is the side of Mark Judge who denies that the incident ever took place.  Mark Judge declared that the accusation that Christine Blasey Ford has made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely nuts, because he has never seen Judge Brett Kavanaugh behave in such a way as what Christine Blasey Ford described in her letter. After Mark Judge, we also have the word of Judge Brett Kavanaugh who also denies that the incident ever happened. Last, there’s always the truth. The problem with the truth is that there are only three people who really know what happened in that room. I’m not one of those three people. Neither are you.

Now we need to look at each person involved. has informed it’s readers a little about Mark Judge. While telling their readers about Mark Judge the news site informs their readers that he wrote on Facebook that he met Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the summer of 1981 at Beach week, and he has written for conservative news media ever since. Upon reviewing this article it seems to me as though they are trying to claim that Mark Judge may be slightly biased in his statement that the incident never occured due to his being a conservative. They go on to mention his criticism of some “homosexual priests,” and claim his high school years were wild. They also let it be known that he has spoken about sexual harassment in the past on social media. Fair enough. It’s good to have an idea about the character of those who we are listening to before deciding if their words can be believed. I will skip Judge Brett Kavanaugh since his hearing was not all that long ago, not to mention the fact that 65 women have written letters in his favor praising his character and conduct.

That brings us to Christine Blasey Ford. She has a history of being an activist for left wing politics. In the not so distant past she signed a letter that was highly critical of President Trump’s policies that effected illegal immigrants who were caught at the United States Mexico border. In the letter that she signed those policies were described as a violation of basic fundamental human rights. She has been a participant at a woman’s march event. There are records of her donating money to the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign, and Friends of Bernie Sanders. Something that should send up some flags about this woman and her character is that it is rather convenient that she cleaned her social media presence not too long before these sexual misconduct accusations were publicly made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This in itself should make one stop and ask themselves what is Christine Blasey Ford trying to hide? What is she afraid of people learning about her? Was there something in her social media presence that could discredit her story? Last it has been reported that Christine Blasey Ford passed a polygraph test about the incident. While I personally do not want to claim that Christine Blasey is a liar, because I do not know the woman I do know that it has been proven that polygraph tests can be manipulated if the person that it is given to knows what they are doing.

Much to the displeasure of Democrats who have tried to stall this weeks vote when the accusations conveniently came out right before the weekend it is believed that Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and other Republicans intend to see the vote still take place as planned. A Republican spokesperson for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said, “it’s disturbing that these uncorroborated allegations from more than 35 years ago, during high school, would surface on the eve of a committee vote after Democrats sat on them since July. If Ranking Member Feinstein and other Committee Democrats took this claim seriously, they should have brought it to the full Committee’s attention much earlier.”

At the time of this writing despite this last minute attempt to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the next justice on the Supreme Court, the FBI has shown no interest in opening an investigation as to whether or not Judge Brett Kavanaugh really did Christine Blasey Ford has accused him of doing.

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