Left Leaning ThinkProgress Plays Victim After Facebook Fact Checkers Find Them Pushing Fake News

There are some who are listening to the sound of water hit the ground outside and they might think that what they are hearing is the sound of rain that has been caused by Hurricane Florence. Depending on where you stand when it comes to certain topics that may be accurate. On the other hand maybe what we are really hearing is the sound of liberal tears as the slow painful realization that they finally got what they wanted begins to sink in. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the last presidential election in 2016 liberals have complained about how social media did not do more to make sure that Americans received more of what they would like us to consider to be “real news” and less of what they would like Americans to consider “fake news.” During this time liberals and their supporters led the battle that saw names like Alex Jones take a hit as he has found himself censored and banned by several social media sites. Now the same liberals who pushed for better “fact checking” have found themselves the target of their own desire. A left-wing opinion site called ThinkProgress has recently found itself censored by Facebook’s “fact checkers” after they published what could only be considered a hit piece that was meant to damage the good name of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The article that was barely worthy of lining someone’s birdcage with before Facebook’s “fact checkers” deemed it fake news and finds itself worth even less than that privilege now  tried to claim that Judge Brett Kavanaugh would overturn the 1973 Supreme Court decision that led to Roe vs Wade. Despite the fact that Maine’s Senator Susan Collins herself has said that Judge Brett Kavanaugh told her as far as he was concerned Roe vs Wade is settled law, the writer of the article chose to use small pieces of Kavanaugh’s past speeches and legal rulings to present their claim as something that was fact and not an opinion. While it is no secret that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has his own opinion on the topic of Roe vs Wade that is something that we as Americans should all have. We should all be entitled to have our own opinions about anything in this country whether it is Roe vs Wade or anything else. There is one important fact that needs to be known. Despite the fact that the opinion of Judge Brett Kavanaugh may or may not favor Roe vs Wade, the man has never flat out said that he would kill Roe vs Wade which is what the article in ThinkProgress tried to tell its readers.

This was what the political left wanted, and now they have it. For those of you out there who do not understand how Facebook’s fact checking works I will try to explain. When a news source or in this case ThinkProgress puts out an article that Facebook’s fact checkers determine is “fake news,” the traffic that goes to that article will become heavily restricted. Any pages on Facebook that promote the article that has been deemed “fake news” will see their ability to advertise and their traffic removed. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to President Trump in 2016 the political left has put pressure on social media to purge itself of “fake news” and Facebook answered that pressure with action. In the interest of trying to appear fair Facebook has teamed up with third party “fact checkers,” that include the Associated Press, AFP, and the Weekly Standard. However, while Facebook is at least trying to appear to be fair, the political left does not want to be fair and has tried to complain about the Weekly Standard being included in Facebook’s list of  “fact checkers.” The reason for their complaint is simple, unlike other sites that Facebook has consulted for fact checking, the Weekly Standard does not lean toward the left with their political views. Instead the Weekly Standard leans toward the right.

Upset that their article was caught and exposed as “fake news” by the Weekly Standard, ThinkProgress has tried to play the victim and claim that they are being picked on because they are a left wing news site. Furthermore, they have even blasted Facebook for trying to accommodate the political right by allowing the Weekly Standard to be one of their “fact checkers.” It is rather amusing when we stop to consider that this was exactly what the political left wanted though it was not what they may have had in mind when they pushed for this to happen. In their effort to complete silence voices that come from the political right and show support for conservatives it does not seem that it ever occured to the political left would become the target of their own creation.

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