New Jersey Teachers Lesson Plan Teaches Students To Feel Sorry For Osama On 9/11

Do you really know what your child is learning when they aren’t at home? Most parents would like to believe that they can trust the lessons that their children are learning at the hands of those the school district trusts to teach them. Math, English, Science, pity for Osama Bin Laden, just the normal regular education that every American student should be taught. No harm there right? Wait a minute back up. PITY FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN?!!!! When did that get put in the curriculum for American students? I wish it was just me trying to get under your skin with a bad joke but it isn’t. If I wanted to tell you a bad joke I would tell you that I went to the doctors the other day for a colonoscopy. Everything went fine at first, but I have to tell you when I asked the doctor where he wanted me to put my pants over there next to mine was not the answer I was expecting to hear. Sadly pity for Osama Bin Laden is a very real lesson that students were being taught in New Jersey and the parents of those children are enraged.

A middle school teacher in New Jersey completely skipped teaching their students about the actual events that took place on 9/11 and the fact that Muslims were the ones responsible for the worst attack that America has ever had to survive. Instead of teaching the truth about the attack that took place on 9/11 this middle school teacher some how felt it was appropriate to teach their students about the imaginary hardships of an imaginary kid named Osama. There are no words that can begin to describe the way that a former U.S. Marine who risked everything for the honor of serving our country Ed O’Rourke and his wife Jodi must have felt while listening to their sixth grade daughter describe a book that her teacher at Glen Meadow Middle School assigned her and the other students to read. Ordinarily there would be nothing wrong with a teacher assigning a book for their students to read, because reading is an important part of the American education for tomorrows future leaders. But in this case I personally feel that the teacher should not be having her children read a book called “My name is Osama” on 9/11 OF ALL DAYS!!!! This particular selection of reading material shows no respect for the men and women who have died serving our country since that horrible event. It shows no respect for the people who had their lives brought to a violent end the morning of 9/11. How insensitive and careless can an educator be?

According to the New Jersey Herald:

The story … tells a made-up account of an Iraqi immigrant boy named Osama who faces taunts of “terrorist” in school by several students who tell him his mother, who wears a hijab, has “a bag on her head.” After pushing back against his tormenters, the boy is suspended from school for fighting.
The story included no mention of the ideology behind those who carried out the 9/11 attacks, which O’Rourke said should have been a part of the class discussion as well.

At first the brave marine who served our country Ed O’Rourke didn’t believe it at first and thought that this certainly had to be someone’s idea of a joke. I personally have to agree with him and his comparison when he likened that teaching this lesson on this day would be like teaching a made up lesson about a boy named Adolph on a day that is meant to honor victims of the Holocaust while saying that we shouldn’t blame all Germans for the events that took the lives of so many Jewish people and don’t pick on the boy named Adolph.

The patriotic father who served our country immediately took his concerns to the principal at his daughters school. Principal Edwina Piszczek put him in touch with the school district’s acting super intendent Charles McKay. The next day the father met with them in person and he pulled his daughter from the class of the teacher who taught this horrible lesson. Ed O’ Rourke praised the way that Principal Edwina Piszczek and acting super intendent Charles McKay handled the situation when he said, “they couldn’t have been better as far as letting me vent, and agreed that the timing couldn’t have been more horrific. They said they were unaware the teacher was planning to do this and that it fell through the cracks, though when I asked if they were planning any disciplinary action against the teacher, they said they weren’t sure at this point.”

In regards to the handling of the issue that was brought to their attention the school district has refused to issue any official statement other than the fact that it was handled “internally” and they will not release the name of the teacher involved. As far as the father himself goes, all Ed O’Rourke wants is for teachers to tell the truth and explain the facts about what occured the morning of 9/11 including the fact that Osama Bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists are responsible for killing 3,000 people.

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