Palestinian Candidate Rashida Tlaib Attacked Jewish Journalist Laura Loomer

It may be okay for Muslims to attack Jewish people over in the Middle East, however, here in the United States it is not okay for a Muslim woman to attack a Jewish woman who happens to be a reporter that is trying to do her job. This is one area where the writers over at Big League Politics and I are in full agreement. Things got out of hand and turned violent at a recent political event when Rashida Tlaib ,a Palestinian Muslim attacked a Jewish journalist Laura Loomer. The event where Loomer found herself attacked was held in the state of Minnesota for U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar. Not only was Laura Loomer attacked by the Muslim woman who seems to believe that is how Muslims should behave in the United States, but at some point during the attack she had her personal property stolen when her phone was taken from her.

As I said above Big League Politics and I share a similar opinion when it comes to Muslims attacking people in the United States. In response to the attack on the Jewish journalist Big League politics said, “in the Middle East, violence against Jews may be tolerable. In America, where Tlaib – running unopposed after her primary win – and is set to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, it is not. In fact, all types of political violence are denounced in America. The violent political left seems to have missed the memo.”

The violence that Laura Loomer found herself the victim of occurred after she asked Rashida Tlaib whether or not Hamas is in fact a fundamentalist organization that weaponizes terror and violence. Tlaib’s hesitation should be a red flag for American voters. A true American Muslim or otherwise should be able to answer yes to the question when it comes to whether or not Hamas is a fundamentalist organization that supports terror and violence. Tlaib who would not answer Loomer’s question has political hopes of becoming a lawmaker. Instead of giving her opinion about a group that the government she hopes to become a part of recognizes as a terror organization, Tlaib became violent with the Jewish journalist.

The violence inflicted upon Laura Loomer escalated to a point that someone had to intervene to protect the journalist before it could get any worse than it already had. In order to protect Laura Loomer the person who came to her aide had to separate her from the violent Muslim woman. In a clear display of what could be described by many as “fake news” after the attack was brought to a stop Tlaib publicly accused Laura Loomer of stalking her. At the moment in time when she was attacked the only thing that Laura Loomer was guilty of was doing her job as a professional American journalist.

The strong willed journalist Laura Loomer did not allow the attack that she had to survive to deter her from doing her job. After the two women had been physically separated Laura Loomer went right back to asking the tough hard hitting questions that made Rashida Tlaib come after her in an act of violence in the first place.

Wednesday Laura Loomer provided proof that she is pressing charges against Rashida Tlaib for attacking her when she presented photos to the Gateway Pundit.



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