Business as usual for many mainstream media outlets as they attack Trump

For many liberal controlled main stream media outlets today will be business as usual as the Boston Globe has planned a coordinated attack against President Trump. After finding themselves declared an enemy of the American people due to their biased views and sometimes complete disregard for the truth newsrooms across the nation are going to make it seem as though they were the victims who are simply pushing back against President Trump. In order to see evidence of how biased some of these news organizations have been and why they are seen as the enemy of the people, American’s don’t have to look any further than CNN recently defending the violence that was caused by members of Antifa while they condemn conservatives and members of the alt-right.

In an attempt to try to take a stand against the mainstream media being called an enemy of the American people the Boston Globe invited newspapers all across the nation to let their voices be heard today with editorials that stand up for the press. While nearly 350 news organizations pledged to participate according to Marjorie Pritchard, op-ed editor at the Globe, several of those news organizations could not wait for today to arrive and started releasing their editorials a day early.

The Post Dispatch based in St. Louis called journalist the truest patriots. Meanwhile the Chicago Sun claims that it believes most Americans know that President Trump is talking nonsense. A media outlet out of North Carolina has expressed hope that President Trump will stop promoting the truth about liberal controlled media being an enemy of the American people, but they aren’t holding their breath. Still other newspapers tried to use history to support their cases with references to rights that were promised by the former Soviet Union but were never actually delivered to the people.

While the Boston Globe had hopes of getting as many big name news media outlets as possible to come together as one and gang up on the Trump administration there are some who have shown some backbone and decided not to participate in this attack against President Trump and his administration. The Wall Street Journal feels that by trying to unite all of the news media outlets together like they have the Boston Globe’s efforts conflicts with the independence that editorial boards claim to seek. His opinion will be an unpopular one among liberals and their supporters however in his column for The Wall Street Journal James Freeman let it be known that he respects the fact that President Trump has a right to free speech as much as the media that opposes him.

In response to the Boston Globe’s efforts to coordinate an attack against President Trump and his administration the Baltimore Sun wrote, “while we agree that labeling journalist the ‘enemy of the American people’ and journalism ‘fake news’ is not only damaging to our industry but destructive to our democracy, a coordinated response from independent -dare we say ‘mainstream’- news organizations feeds a narrative that we’re some how aligned against this Republican president.”

The response from the Baltimore Sun has probably got to be one of the more intelligent responses I have seen from a media source that has stood against President Trump. At least they are intelligent enough to realize that such an attack as the one that is taking place today needs to be more covert. Thankfully the Boston Globe and it’s supporters are not all as smart as the Baltimore Sun claims to be. With so many media outlets coming together like they are today there is no way that it can be hidden that these people are against President Trump.

From the time of his campaign run even before he was elected mainstream media has stood against President Trump. In recent years more and more Americans have opened their eyes and come to see the truth as they have freed their mind from the matrix that the liberal controlled media would love to keep us in. Between the years 2010 and 2017 there was a 17 percent increase in the number of Republicans and Republican leaning independents that felt the mainstream media have a negative influence on the country as the numbers went from 68 percent in 2010 to 85 percent in 2017.

At the end of the day no matter how the Boston Globe and other mainstream media outlets try to polish it for these liberal controlled media outlets. It’s just another day at the office of bashing President Trump. Business as usual.



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