Violence In Charlottesville That Main Stream Media Does Not Want America To See

It has been a year since a 32 year old woman lost her life in Charlottesville, Virginia. After the death of Heather Heyer people who stand against the political left were treated unfairly when they saw the blame for her death solely placed upon those who are considered the “alt-right.” To mark the anniversary of last years Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville members of the alt-right and Antifa have once again found their way to the college town in the heart of Virginia. As the hours of Saturday grew later leftist and Antifa members showed their true colors as it became clear who the violent ones truly are this year when they attacked NBC News reporter Cal Perry and his camera crew. Earlier this morning instead of giving the American people who tune into NBC a full account of last nights attack on the NBC reporter and his camera crew the NBC morning show Sunday Today ignored the attack and downplayed the event as they suggested the media was simply “heckled” by those who were responsible for this attack. The reason they would do this is really an obvious one. An attack like this does not promote the leftist agenda that main stream media wishes to shove down the throat of the American viewers and would force Americans to open their eyes to the truth.

At the time of the attack that took place Saturday night Cal Perry was covering the situation on Twitter as protesters marched through the street of the college town when suddenly they started to get very aggressive against the members of the media that were present. Protesters started trying to block camera shots. In response to one Twitter commenter who told him to “f*ck off national media vulture,” Cal Perry can be heard saying, “Yeah. We’re getting a lot of this. Protesters trying to grab our camera.”

The situation that Cal Perry and his crew found themselves in escalated from bad to worse when a member of Antifa shouted, “F*ck you, snitch a** news b*tch. F*ck you,” as they tried to either pull the camera from the person using it or knock it to the ground. The video was not very clear in regards to the attackers intent. While NBC had plenty of video evidence from their own person being attacked by counter protesters who were taking a stand against white nationalist they chose to switch over to Garrett Haake, who was on the ground in Washington D.C. covering the situation in anticipation of violence at another Unite the Right rally that was set to be held.

NBC actually used actual video footage that had been shot by Cal Perry and his crew, but chose not to show any of the video from the actual attack as Garrett Haake said, “Overnight, tense moments in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, far left protesters heckling the media and chanting anti-police slogans.”

It was just last year when NBC’s political director, Chuck Todd used his program on MSNBC, MTP Daily, to promote the violence performed by members of the left and Antifa as a legitimate tactic against those who are considered members of the “alt-right.” He reinforced this promotion of what liberals want Americans to consider acceptable violence against those who do not support the leftist agenda when he allowed members of Antifa to use the Meet the Press platform as a way to promote their hate and violent methods that are aimed at others who do not share their views. If you are looking for evidence that Chuck Todd has condemned such rhetoric and activity from Antifa and leftists let me save you the trouble. He has never condemned them for anything that they have ever done.

Chuck Todd appeared on the NBC morning show Sunday Today and had nothing to say about the attack or Antifa itself despite the fact that the state of New Jersey declared them a domestic terrorism group before he ever had them on his show last year. Instead of condemning Antifa for the act of violence that members of NBC had been subjected to he saw fit to verbally assault the supporters of President Trump as he labelled all supporters of President Trump as being “racists.”

While speaking about whether or not the president had learned anything from last years violence Chuck Todd said, “so I don’t think, if the President is, quote, ‘learned anything’ I think in his mind, he has seen this is an effective political strategy to keep his base, his base. That it is the president’s continuation of using to be generous, dog whistles, others say they’re not silent. You can hear the whistles pretty loudly.”

At a sensitive time in our nations history when the main stream media does not wish for the American people to see them as the enemy NBC deliberately chose to ignore the attack on their own people and not report the truth of the situation in Charlottesville in order to further push the agenda and try to make Trump supporters and members of the “alt-right” look like they are the evil ones in all of this. The assault from Antifa could not have come at a worse time as it came after the liberal controlled main stream media that the members of the media were only in danger from the violent Trump supporters. The problem is, when Antifa attacked Cal Perry and his crew there were no violent Trump supporters to be found.

The situation in Charlottesville that saw Cal Perry and his crew attacked was one more chance for main stream media to try and prove that President Trump is wrong to call them an enemy to the American people, but once again all they did was show that the president and the rest of us who see the truth have been right about them all along. Main stream media really is the enemy, and until they learn how to report the truth and be unbiased they always will be and should be regarded as such.


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