As the Unite the Right rally gets closer Twitter suspends the Proud Boys

As the anniversary of Charlottesville and the Unite to Right rally draw closer social media platform Twitter has made the decision to suspend several accounts that have been linked to the far right “Proud Boys” organization. If we were to allow ourselves to believe liberal controlled media then we would believe that Twitter only suspended some of the accounts, the groups main account @ProudBoysUSA and the account of its founder Gavin McInnes because the two violated Twitters policy on “violent extremist groups.” However, the former Bernie Sanders turned President Trump supporter, Cassandra Fairbanks, exposed the truth last night and revealed that Twitter did not just ban some of the accounts associated with “Proud Boys,” they banned every account.



In a statement released to media a Twitter spokesperson said, “we can confirm that these accounts have been suspended from Twitter and Periscope for violating our policy prohibiting violent extremist groups.”

It is no secret that members of the Proud Boys were involved in last years events that took place at Charlottesville when the Unite the Right rally was held. Tempers became heated between both those who supported the Unite the Right rally and counter protesters. Chaotic street fights broke out as punches and kicks were thrown. The local police should have and could have done more to protect everyone involved. None of this is any real secret. Due to the escalation of violence and the local police not doing enough to protect the people who were in Charlottesville that day Heather Heyer saw her life tragically cut short. I know that President Trump became unpopular when he said this last year, but I’m going to say it anyways. There were good and bad people on both sides. Every person who was there to support the Unite the Right rally did not throw a punch at someone and neither did every person who stood against them.

Twitter’s decision to suspend every account that is associated comes at a time when it is being closely watched due to its policies on what it considers “hateful content.”

While all of the Proud Boys accounts were so bad that they absolutely had to be suspended because of Twitters policies, one can not help noticing how promoting attacks on ICE and Antifa are not considered hateful. The company found itself the target of backlash earlier this week when it would not terminate the account of Alex Jones.

This writer has no doubt that like last year this years Unite the Right rally will draw both far right protesters who have no problem turning violent against people who do not see things their way, but it is also going to draw members of the far left who are willing to do the same. As President Trump said last year, there are fine people on both sides. However it is the not so fine people on both sides that people will need to be wary of this weekend.


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