Tokyo Medical University Promoted Misconduct And Sexism Against Women

A medical school in Tokyo, Japan recently found itself in an unpopular position after an internal investigation exposed that the school had been altering entrance exam scores for years all in the interest of making sure that they could limit the number of female students while insuring that more men became doctors. According to lawyers involved in the investigation starting in 2006 possibly even further earlier than that Tokyo Medical University altered all entrance exam results. The school found itself facing these accusations after Japanese media brought the story to public attention.

Tokyo Medical University has not tried to defend itself against the accusations. Instead it has shown that they take full responsibility for the wrongs that they placed upon countless applicants when they said that manipulation of this magnitude never should have occurred and will not continue to occur in the future. While nobody has the ability to turn back time and correct events that never should have taken place the University has said that it will consider retroactively admitting students who were affected by this manipulation that would have otherwise passed the test. There was no explanation given as to how they would do this. However, Japanese media reports that the scandal caused by officials at Tokyo Medical University manipulating the test scores of women who should have been allowed to attend the University ended up removing near 10 percent of female applicants.

If it had not been for an investigation into the alleged “back door” entry of an education ministry bureaucrat’s son in exchange for favorable treatment for the school allowing them to receive higher research funding, then the school’s manipulation of the test scores of women may have never been discovered. Both the bureaucrat and the former head of the school have found themselves charged with bribery.

The investigation that has cast Tokyo Medical University in such a negative light found that earlier this year the school reduced all of the applicants first stage test scores by 20 percent and then added 20 additional points to the test of all of the male applicants unless they had already failed the test at least four times. These kind of manipulations had been going on for years, because the school anticipated that women would shorten or halt their medical careers after becoming mothers. The investigation showed that the school harvested an environment of profound sexism. It was also suggested by the investigation that the school’s former director accepted pay offs from parents of male applicants who sought for their sons to receive preferential treatment.

While speaking to the local media school managing director Tetsuo Yukioka said, “we sincerely apologize for the serious wrongdoing involving entrance exams that has caused concern and trouble for many people and betrayed the public’s trust. I suspect that there was a lack of sensitivity to the rules of modern society, in which women should not be treated differently because of their gender.” At this point in time there is no reason for anyone to believe that he was aware of the situation before the investigation or had any involvement in the mistreatment of its female applicants.

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