Losing Our Culture To Illegal Immigrants, Europe Today, America Tomorrow

Hi everybody, I am Alex Roberts. It is a warm Friday afternoon here in the eastern United States. It is no secret where people like Lana Lokteff, Mark Collett, Tiana Dalichov, Bre Faucheux, and myself stand when it comes to western European countries and the United States. For a while now we have been warning people that if something is not done about the immigration issues that face our countries then our people would lose their culture. In return for these warnings we have seen labels thrown at us such as “white nationalist, neo-Nazi, racist.” In some cases such as Tiana Dalichov we have had our lives destroyed and had to rebuild ourselves. Why? It’s really simple. We do not support the leftist agenda and tell the truth that the political left does not want the rest of you to know. You can call us what you want. It does not change the truth. We are losing our culture to immigrants. Not too long ago President Trump saw this with his own eyes.

In an article that was recently published by The Hill, President Trump is speaking out against what he recently saw during his trip over to Europe. After seeing the migration of millions and millions of people into western Europe President Trump has declared that Europeans are losing their culture to refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

A British Tabloid called The Sun recently published an interview with President Trump where he spoke on the immigration problem that western Europeans are now dealing with. In that interview with the conservative owned paper President Trump said, “allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame. I think it changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was, and I don’t mean that in a positive way,”

These observations of the migrant problem facing people in the U.K. were made shortly after he arrived for a long awaited trip after a series of meetings that took place during the Nato summit that took place in Brussels. While at the summit in Brussels President Trump was highly critical with his words regarding our European allies and demanded that members pay more for defense.

It is no secret that President Trump holds a deep skepticism of immigration and this skepticism resurfaced a line of attack that he used while running for President when he said that Europe was being overrun by non Europeans and is quickly becoming a shell of the continent that it once was. Later in his interview with The Sun President Trump said, “I think you are losing your culture. Look around. You go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.”

While there are some who may try to argue that the number of migrants going into western European countries has recently decreased and they may be right it does not change that the damage has already been done. When you have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to enter our countries where these people have no legal right to be here it does not matter if a couple years later those millions drop down to hundreds of thousands. Even though it has dropped down to hundreds of thousands you still have the millions in these countries that arrived there in the years prior to this one.

Here in the United States President Trump has spent a large portion of his time in office trying to protect the United States from ending up like these western European countries who find themselves losing their cultures. He has tried to lead a crack down on the number of illegal immigrants entering our country at the southern border and warned the American public that unless we succeed in securing our southern border criminals and drugs from south of the border will continue to flood into our country. We have seen what these people did to their own countries and we do not need them here.

President Trump’s efforts to protect America recently came under attack after it was revealed that thousands of migrant had been separated from their parents at the border as part of enforcement efforts. If people do not wish to see these families separated and wish to show more concern for the children of illegal immigrants who are not covered by DACA so they have absolutely no legal right to be here at all than what they show the hundreds of thousands of American children who are legally killed through abortion each year then there is a very simple answer to that problem. It’s called do not come into our country illegally.

President Trump himself has said the same thing that Lana Lokteff, Mark Collett, Bre Faucheux, Tiana Dalichov and myself have been trying to warn you about. We as a people are losing our culture due to illegal immigrants. By the year 2045 white people will be a minority in our own country if we do not make some serious changes between now and then. It’s happening in western Europe now as I write this. It will happen here as well if something is not done. It is time to take action and protect the interest of our own people and our own culture before we continue to worry about someone else’s.

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