Time To No Longer Allow The SCOTUS To Decide Roe Vs Wade For America

It was not that long ago when Americans sat in front of the media showing more concern for twelve boys and a coach who found themselves trapped in a cave halfway across the world. For two weeks Americans were concerned about twelve boys and an adult soccer coach who they have never known and probably never will know. Does anyone out there stop and think about how hypocritical it is to care about illegal immigrant children being separated from their families at the border or half a million Rohingya refugee children who are in danger of starving on the Bangladesh border while they are perfectly at peace with the 578,341 American children who have been killed by their own mothers since January 1?

The difference between the children who were trapped in that cave and those who were separated from their family at the border and the one that is growing inside a woman’s body is we see them as living, breathing, able to move, individuals. We see them as people. The way we see them causes these same people who are okay with killing over a million innocent children in America every year feel sympathy for these others.

In 1973 when Roe vs Wade was first passed into law, medical services were no where near as advanced as they are today. It was not as common for women to get ultrasounds as it is today. Over time that has changed from something that was not common for women to do into something that majority of pregnant women do at least once. According to the author of a history of ultrasound, Malcolm Nicolson,  “Overwhelmingly, pregnant women expect to be scanned, and are moved and excited by seeing the fetus.” Some women don’t even feel pregnant until they see their child on an ultrasound for the first time.

When ultrasound images first became available to women the images were grainy at best and hard for anyone who was not an expert to really know what it was they were looking at. The ultrasound images that are taken today are so much better and more advanced than they were back when they started out. Today we can see how an unborn child will move inside the mothers stomach while trying to avoid a bright light. We can see the unborn child suck their thumb. We can even see an unborn child smile. The doctors will try to tell us that the smile that we see is just some random muscle movement since children normally don’t smile for the first time until they are almost two months old, but we know the truth. Parents know when they see their child smile and nothing that the doctors say can take that smile away from us when we see it. Ultrasound images show us that what is inside a mothers stomach is a human being who is depending upon their mother for their very life just like all of those other children also depend upon people to help them. Ultrasounds show us the humanity of the unborn children.

45 years ago when the Supreme Court ruled on Roe vs Wade and made abortion legal across the nation it allowed the individual states and cities to wash their hands of responsibility for the blood of so many innocents who have been massacred over the years. If the president’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and this is going out on a limb here since its a huge one but IF some how the Supreme Court does the right thing by these innocent children that they sentenced to death 45 years ago and overturn Roe vs Wade then each individual state will have to step up and take more responsibility since they will no longer be able to hide behind the Supreme Court. Instead of hiding behind the Supreme Court these states will have to decide if they truly want their hands stained in innocent blood of helpless children who are depending upon them for help as much  as those boys who were trapped in the cave depended upon their rescuers.

Despite what Americans say about politicians being in the back pocket of big business and enslaved to their more than generous donors the reality of the situation is that politicians are enslaved to public opinion. The vote of the American people is far more powerful than the money that they receive through generous contributions. As I sit here writing this Republican law makers are fundraising and campaigning on opposition to Roe vs Wade. The average American citizen is highly conflicted. The same person who will compare abortion to murder more times than not will also turn around and in the same breath say that abortion should be a personal choice that is made by a woman and her doctor. A surprisingly large number of Americans who claim that they are against abortion also believe that there should be restrictions placed upon abortion that include parental or spousal consent and limits to late term abortions. A large number of these same Americans who protest against abortion will tell you that there should be exceptions such as rape and incest.

As the statistics currently stand there are four states that would outlaw Roe vs Wade if the Supreme Court decision was overturned. Nine states would support a woman’s choice to have an abortion only if it were absolutely necessary to protect the life and health of the mother.

That day 45 years ago when the decision of Roe vs Wade was taken out of the hands of the legislature and the American voter, the Supreme Court did not help America. It did America a great disservice. This is something that even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledged in 2013 when she said, “that was my concern. That the courts had given opponents of access to abortion a target to aim at relentlessly. My criticism of Roe is that it seemed to have stopped the momentum that was on the side of change.”

For any of my readers out there who are familiar with my work from the past it is no real big secret where I stand when it comes to Roe vs Wade. It is time to bring this federal law that supports the mass murder of innocent children all across our nation while allowing our citizens to show more concern for children that aren’t even their own. If you are one of the many who stand in opposition of my beliefs I respect your American right to disagree with me. I will not even tell you that you are a bad person. What I will say is that it is time for you to stop hiding behind the Supreme Court and to see the blood of the children you support killing on your own hands. It is time for you to know that every time you hug your child who you didn’t kill the hands that you hold your child with are stained in the blood of another child who could have been just like your own child.

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