Going Into The Mid Term Elections President Trump Is Almost As Good As Money In The Bank

It took a while but Rep. Nanci Pelosi (D-Calif.) and former Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) have finally woken up from their fantasy dreams of having our man President Trump impeached. It would seem that the Democrats have come to the conclusion that at this point in time it just is not going to happen. No matter how much the Democrats talk about trying to see that President Trump gets impeached they aren’t getting the support that they need from the Independents in order to make it happen and they aren’t going to get their support. They have come to realize this. They have also seen that no matter what they say about President Trump he isn’t going to lose the support of the American people who were smart enough to put him in office in the first place.

That doesn’t mean that the Democrats wouldn’t love to see President Trump be impeached. It would be like the Super Bowl, the NBA championship, WrestleMania, Christmas, Thanksgiving, their first born son or daughter, the Fourth of July all rolled into one for a lot of them if they could make it happen. In fact almost 3/4 of the Democrats want to see President Trump impeached if they could some how regain control of the house. The problem standing in their way of making this a reality are those blasted swing votes that the Democrats so desperately need from the Independents. While almost all of the Democrats would love to see President Trump be impeached, over half of the Independents do not share their sentiment toward our President. Even more important than that there are almost no Republicans who want to see our President impeached as 92 percent of the Republicans fully support our President. What that means is the Democrats had better get themselves some chap stick, because they are going to be kissing a lot of a** if they hope to have any chance of regaining the power that they once had. For you Democrats out there that might be reading this while I myself am no expert at a** kissing I hear that the one knee approach works really well. It just puts that a** right there in front of you.

Americans who actually were intelligent enough to find their way free of the matrix and the bull**** that the Democrats and social justice warriors would love for us to believe have stood by President Trump every step of the way and we continue to do so. Back in October of last year when President Trump’s approval rating was at an all time low of 35 percent almost all of us who were responsible for putting President Trump in office agreed on one sentiment. If the 2016 election could be done over again we still wouldn’t have changed our vote. Despite the lowest approval rating in all the time that he has served in office last October almost every one of us who voted for President Trump would still put our faith in him and vote for him again.

It really doesn’t matter what the man does or what the Democrats and social justice warriors say about him. Believe me they have said a lot. Then again when I consider that these are the absolute morons who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 I really can’t say that I am surprised that they have said a lot. The only reason that they are worse than Hillary Clinton herself is, is because she is only one woman and there are so many of them. It would be a lot easier to ball gag one woman than it is to ball gag every single idiot out there who has tried to stand against our President. They tried to throw Russia collusion at him. They tried to throw Storm Daniels at him. Short of declaring himself God in Gods temple and signing a one week covenant with Israel nothing that the Democrats and social justice warriors say will shake our support in President Trump.

When those of us who are responsible for President Trump being in office look at our President we see something that the Democrats and social justice warriors just have not given America reason to see. We see a man who is nearly as good as money in the bank. As much as the Democrats and social justice warriors do not like it President Trump has kept almost every promise that he has made with the exception of some here and there. On top of that in all honesty, he’s just a lot more entertaining to the American people. It is fun seeing this man upset the matrix that the Democrats have kept Americans in for so long. Little by little ever since President Trump took office he has disrupted the swamp and any American who has enough intelligence to turn on a light bulb knows it.

In his very first year in office the President put in place a conservative Supreme Court Justice and a record number of appeals judges. He did not waste time waiting to pull America out of almost every bad deal that former President Obama put us in and that old lady who never shuts up would have kept us in. He did these things when he pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. If every American were capable of showing more intelligence than a lab rat then none of them would be able to deny the fact that almost each of these deals really did nothing to benefit our country. Fortunately for them, as many Americans as there are that make that lab rat look like Einstein there are more of us who woke up and knew the truth of the situation when we placed President Trump in office. The President has cut almost double the amount of regulations that he promised America he would. To make his success that much sweeter. Our President did it all despite the resistance that came from the Democrats and a small handful of Republicans that were less than completely loyal to our man.

We are getting closer and closer to mid term election time. According to The Hill when ever there is a presidential election there are some where near 130-140 million people who actually care enough to vote. Around mid term elections only a fraction of that number actually seem to care enough to vote at 85 to 90 million voters across America. If this mid term is anything like others in the past then we really don’t have too much to worry about this mid term as long as those of us who voted for President Trump in 2016 do our own part and make our voices heard in the mid term elections. As fired up as the Democrats and social justice warriors are trying to get their little mindless zombies to become there really aren’t enough of them out there who care about President Trump to put forth the effort of making sure they put forth more effort to vote in this mid term than the effort that they would put out to vote in any other mid term election.

When it comes to the issues that are important to most Americans President Trump is just the right man in the right place at the right time. There is a very real chance that after the mid term elections are over President Trump could maintain or even expand his base. There is the immigration issue. President Trump has offered a more than fair deal that would grant over one million illegal immigrants amnesty in the United States in exchange for funding to build the wall on our southern border that separates the United States from Mexico. It would also put an end to the chain migration problem and diversity visa program. This deal covers almost every possible position that a person could have when it comes to immigration issues. As far as the economy goes President Trump is doing such an awesome job in that area of American life that the media have ran out of words to describe how well things are going under President Trump.

Ever since our President won the election in 2016 there have been nearly 3 million more jobs created in the United States. A large number of Americans are making better minimum pay than they have since the days of President Bush. The levels of unemployment across the nation have not been this low since the late 1990s. President Trump has done more for the minorities in our country than President Obama ever did as more African American and Asian Americans have been able to find work. Over half of the Americans in our country would say that the current economy is in good shape. That is a lot more than anyone would have been able to say about the economy under the Obama administration.

Although the Democrats may have gone silent when it comes to their fantasies of seeing President Trump impeached and have not given up their twisted fetishes for illegal immigrants one thing that most Americans who have even the slightest glimpse of intelligence can’t deny is that it has been a long time since we have lived in an America that is well on its way to becoming great again.

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Writer for Halsey News My political beliefs go to the right.I voted for Trump in the 2016 election. I will probably do so again in 2020 as long as there are no major changes between what he accomplishes and what he promised.