The West’s Power Dynamics: Sorry, You’ve Been Wrong

Go out into the street, on social media, at a restaurant, or even at your dinner table, and ask anyone about the power dynamics in the west. Invariably, you’re going to hear some version of a top-down hierarchy with forces atop, the string-pullers, ranging from dirty politicians and corporations to the Jews.

Let me explain why you’re wrong. Well, to be fair, not entirely wrong, but wrong inasmuch as you’re missing the proverbial forest by focusing in on a few trees you hate but from which you cannot seem to look away.

I know that the upturning of conventional wisdom is laughed at. I know few, if any, will agree with me. And while I’m not a very vain person, I can imagine being the first person to go against what everyone “knew” to say that a metal boat could float.

Well, silly, metal boats can’t float! That’s just common sense.

You see, those in charge aren’t the ones writing the play; they’re just directing it.

What do I mean by this? To tell you the truth, I’ve been writing at this article, a few lines at a time, since I started working at Halsey News – so about a year. That’s how cloudy it is and how hard it is to explain. So let me try to break down what I mean with something simple.

Do you remember back, hell, only a few years ago, when Obama got all “wee-wee’d” up about women’s birth control? A lot of people think that the Obama administration had some sort of agenda. Most people think that all administrations have people sitting around and plotting to push their agendas. Most people think that something like that, Obama’s huge foray into “women’s reproductive rights,” was a top-down attempt at a window shift from the highest seat of power in the free world.

This is laughably wrong, though still so understandable that I’m not out to insult anyone for believing this. This has simply been the accepted wisdom and, truth be told, the way we view “power” as a species.

With our belief in gods, with our being subjects to royalty for so much of our history, we simply view power this way. We believe that the power dynamics of government is what causes all of this shit to take place in society. We believe that they simply force it on us. It’s easy to believe this. Shit, it’s preferable to believe this. We’re biologically conditioned to fall into such hierarchies.

Lobster, anyone?

Having something to label an enemy is, for the psyche, as common as having something to love. It’s appeasing to our nature.

We believe those in charge—government, media, etc—are the ones writing the play. If there’s something in society, especially something we don’t like, we pin it to a larger force than ourselves. This is one of humanity’s flaws, in my humble opinion – an evolutionary mistake.

That whole year-long fiasco was not some plot by Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama’s other minions. Rather, it was a groundswell of the populous neo-Marxist left, led by Sandra Fluke.

This isn’t an opinion; this isn’t just a way to look at it. This is a stone fact, mate.

Take, for instance, the alt-right of today and their insistence that Jewish-controlled media is trying to ruin the west by indoctrinating us with transgenderism and homosexuality, open borders, gun control, etc.

But it does not logically hold water.

Think about these issues, and then think about how long media interests have been controlled by mainly Jewish people. Think about when you started to hear about transgender bathrooms and rights, acceptance, etc, in the world. It was only a few years ago!

Look up in Canada with Bill C-16, which made Jordan Peterson rich and famous for telling us to clean our rooms in a comforting Kermit voice from our youth. “Watch. The. F*ck. Out!”

Look all around school districts which embrace this, and at the way people rally to the cause.

Insult me if you want, but if you think this is some indoctrination attempt by the Jewish media to control us and destroy us, you’re either (a) a f*cking moron, or (b) so willing to LARP as Hitler that you’re willfully a f*cking moron.

What are you trying to say, if you’re trying to say that the Jewish media is pushing this propaganda as a plan to indoctrinate us? Are you saying they’ve controlled media for decades yet waited until this shit became organically popular among millennials to pull the trigger? It’s a 12-step plan?

Just how conspiratorial do you want to get before you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Hey, it might be me who’s viewing this the wrong way!”?

I’m not up on my fallacy list; been a long time since college. But that’s got to be breaking at least four rules of logic right there.

Now, let’s not get it twisted here; I’m not saying this is 100% grassroots either. College professors have a lot to do with it; even more to do with these issues becoming media cause celebres are the special-victim-groups’ lobbies which push this shit hard.

Go back a few years from the transgender point, just to the homosexual craze. I grew up in the ’80s. I remember media back then. Until the AIDS epidemic became synonymous with homosexual men displaying some seriously deviant behavior in every location from restrooms to public parks, media never had much to say on it. But, wait, I thought the Jews were indoctrinating us to kill off western civilization!

No. It wasn’t until some years later, after the LGBT initialism had formed, and they had lobbying power and a shit-ton of cotton-soft liberal deviants, that media got dialed in on all this shit.

Again, this is just factual. It’s not opinion. We can demonstrably show how these timelines unfold. They start with the public and then, and only then, are adopted by media. Whereas if it were media—da Juden—trying to indoctrinate us all, we’d see it the other way ’round. Just use your head for two seconds.

Another glaring piece of evidence of this bottom-up strategy is the fact that a Jewish media, supposedly all about Jewish interests, hates Israel with the passion of a thousand drunk Latinas and roots for Palestine.

I know, I know; but Jews want open borders in the west but not for Israel! I do remember this one; it’s a composition fallacy – it’s people lumping every Jew in together while shouting, “No, we’re not doing that!” Well, yeah, you’re objectively doing that. Maybe right-wing Jews who are beholden to Israel are hypocrites; I’m not saying they’re not. I’m sure they exist. But they’re entirely separate and different in every way, save being Jewish, from the media Jews who hate Israel and want Palestine to reclaim the land.

Why don’t they report on it, you ask? Exactly my point! Media isn’t going to report on Israel’s hypocrisy because the self-absorbed, mostly-white neo-Marxist libbies crying their way through American life don’t give two shits about anything abroad. It’s the same reason media will report on white American rape culture but not the horrible way Muslims treat women; it’s because their base doesn’t give a shit. We’re not building rockets here.

How long has media been on this border shit? I can remember Reagan being president, and I remember a lot of media at the time gave him shit as a Republican for amnesty. But isn’t a Jewish media supposed to be setting up to destroy the west? Don’t we have open borders because the Jews, and Marxist government officials, want to destroy the west?


It’s because shit like “people can’t be ‘illegal’” and “immigration is a human right” is a cause celebre that grew among the public, media’s base, so media pushes it as what is actually some pretty solid niche marketing. They’re a business; they’re catering to their market.

Media and government are not the ones creating and pushing this shit. They’re reactive, not proactive. They play along with what the growing swell of neo-Marxist sissy liberals want as a way to stay in power and to stay making that money. Those shekels!

Another thing you can follow along with your eyes: The anti-white rhetoric. Look, when it comes to this, I agree with even the hard-edge alt-righters on the severity of the problem! People want whites to suffer and die, to become extinct, and want our nations ran by POC third-worlders. It’s not even up for debate; it’s objective reality.

No non-white person alive today has ever had to read how horrible their race is in mainstream media, or have been thrown out of a campus or restaurant for their race, or have had to read how their DNA is an abomination. But white people have to read, hear and watch this shit every single day of our lives! We can’t escape it. If you’re white and live in the world, you know unequivocally that you’re hated and people want you to die horribly.

And today’s mainstream media pushes this shit in our faces and celebrates it. And because we can look at see just how many Jews own media—and they do; it’s in-f*cking-sane—the easy, comfortable thing to do is to say, “Well, that’s our problem right there. The Jews are pushing this!”

That’s correct, but not how people think. Media push this because it’s popular among their base. Again, just go back, hell, only four or five years. We didn’t see this shit out in the open! Though if it’s a Jewish plan, it would have always been the case. This isn’t step 9 of the conspiracy, people. There’s a much simpler explanation: Jewish media didn’t start this shit; they simply promote it because their entire base operates via confirmation bias, and since such a big portion of the general public hates whitey, media gives them what they want.

It’s a business. (You ever think you don’t have to be shifty to be good business people? You just have to check your morality at the door?)

It’s not some nefarious plot.

And if you’re willing to be honest with yourself, just keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing, the next cause celebre. It might be taxpayer-funded gender reassignment, or maybe no more whites allowed to run for office. You know the trajectory we’re on. But I just want you to be honest in your “noticing.” You folks, especially on the alt-right, love to claim you notice shit. Well, notice this: You’ll never hear a word about it in mainstream, Jewish-run media until which point it becomes a popular notion among the liberal populous.

Power doesn’t work the way most of us think it works, especially concerning media and government. At least western media and government. We’re not communists, and we’re not theocracies, so our stuff works differently.

We believe in gods. The average person—look no further than Obama for proof—puts stock in a president like the position is an emperor. Our flights of fancy paint a mental picture of some ultimate puppet-master. It reminds me of those ancient alien guys who think so little of humanity that we couldn’t have build the pyramids. I’m not saying it’s aliens… but aliens!

I have more faith in the power of the people. The push to destroy the west is being conceived of by neo-Marxist liberals. Media is just reactionary in pushing it all out front to placate their audience.

It’s not complicated. It’s just an ingrained view humans have that we shouldn’t.

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