American Citizens Unwittingly Support Islamic Relief Group Connected To Terrorists

Every year millions of Americans go to work so that they can support their families. Each pay day they only see a portion of the money that they actually make because Uncle Sam is always quick to take out his share of what the American worker is paid to do their job. Do any of us really know where that money goes once the government takes it out of our checks? I know that we see the names of the people who take portions of our money, but once they have that money do we really know what they are doing with it? It may not be going everywhere you expect it to be going, and sometimes it may even be going to places that no American should want their money to go.

According to a recent report that came from a conservative think tank in based in Philadelphia some of our American tax dollars are going to an organization called Islamic Relief. This is money that could be going to helping other Americans, but our government is allowing money to go to this group. Until recently I had never heard of this group, but I have to tell you that a lot of our tax payer dollars have been going to a group that I had never heard of. How much of our money has been going to this group? I hope that all of you are sitting down when you read this, because it is a lot of money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 million dollars has been provided to Islamic Relief over the last ten years.

The Islamic Relief organization does not only have ties to American tax payer dollars. They have financial ties to several terrorist organizations throughout the world. This non profit group receives some of its money from the Charitable Society for Social Warfare. The Charitable Society for Social Warfare was founded by a high ranking member of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden loyalist named Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani. It is these kind of connections that make Islamic Relief highly questionable at best. With such connections as Al-Zindani it has to be taken seriously when we learn that this group has been accused of being a front for money going to such terrorist groups as Hamas and various networks of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite these accusations the group would like for people to put their faith in the Islamic Relief organization’s speaking out against violence.

A representative from the American arm of the Islamic Relief organization has spoken in defense of this charitable organization. It is their claim that conspiracy theorists are trying to base conspiracies off the fact that one Muslim spoke to another.

According to Newstalk Florida Sharif Aly, CEO of Islamic Relief USA told the DCNF, “Islamic Relief has operated as a top-rated humanitarian organization for 25 years working to deliver relief and development in a non-discriminatory, dignified manner to vulnerable individuals in over 40 countries around the world. IRUSA abides by strict standards of neutrality and impartiality in carrying out its overarching humanitarian mission.”

The Islamic Relief organization has used its ties to other agencies as a means of trying to prove that it is exactly what it presents itself as. These other agencies that it has ties to include American agencies like FEMA, USDA, and the Red Cross. This charitable group is also financially connected to a Jewish refugee resettlement charity called HIAS. It was not that long ago that Islamic Relief and HIAS partnered up to help provide humanitarian aide and legal assistance to refugees in Greece.

In a statement that Islamic Relief published in January Islamic Relief USA President Anwar Khan said, “Islamic Relief USA is honored to be partnering with such an esteemed and effective organization like HIAS to protect refugees who are in great need of assistance. Our shared values have always been to help some of the most vulnerable populations around the world. With recent incidents of people not gaining access to essential services, and many having their rights violated, we will work to put a stop to these disturbing trends and promote the legal rights of all refugees.”

An MEF investigation has turned up some things that Islamic Relief has not allowed to be made known to the public. These things that Islamic Relief has kept quiet are its connections to anti-Semitism either directly or indirectly by association from some of its top officials.

When the author of the MEF report Sam Westrop spoke to the DCNF about Islamic Relief he said, “it received over $700,000 of taxpayers’ money during the Obama administration. And now, under the Trump administration, public officials continue to speak at its events and legitimize it as a charitable institution. But this institution’s officials continue to promote some very uncharitable ideas: hatred of Jews, support for extremist ideologies, and praise for terror.”

Officials from Islamic Relief have dined at the White House and taken up positions as advisors in the U.S. Department of State.

On top of the 80 million that Islamic Relief has received from tax payers in western countries over the last ten years corporate foundations have provided more than 4.3 million dollars to Islamic Relief. The largest donation came from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation at $1.4 million.

A number of officials higher up in the organization and their actions are connected to religious groups who spoke in favor of homosexuals and Jews being killed. Countries and organizations around the world have started to take notice of how Islamic Relief officials have spoken in defense of men like Abdullah Hakim Quick who claims that the Islamic position on homosexuality is ‘death’; Haitham Al-Haddad, who describes Jews as ‘pigs and apes’; and Abdul Nasir Jangda, who defends sex slavery and advocates killing apostates.

One does not have to be a college graduate to understand that there is a reason why Islamic Relief is banned in Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Two of the worlds largest international banks did not shut down accounts belonging to Islamic Relief without reason to support their decision. When you add the fact that European officials are investigating Islamic Relief’s promotion of preachers who advocate violence and hate there has to be some red flags that catch our attention.

According to Westrop it’s time for American politicians and law enforcement to look into those reasons, stop funding Islamic Relief’s work, and start challenging the pernicious extremism spread by this international franchise and its Islamist operatives in the U.S.

While Islamic Relief may be defending itself against such accusations of wrong doing and its unsavory connections to terrorist organizations maybe its time to ask why take the chance on an organization with so many red flags when the tax dollars of hard working Americans would be better spent elsewhere with the purpose of helping our own people first.

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