Immigration Lies From The Obama Era That Democrats And SJW Would Like To Keep Hidden

Hi everybody, I am Alex Roberts. It is early Saturday afternoon here on the east coast of the United States. As some of you know I was in our nations capital Washington D.C. earlier this week. It was a very nice, very much needed vacation. I was able to combine some work time in with my vacation and got two articles out earlier in the week. Now I am back in the real world. It has not changed much since I left it last Monday morning for the world of vacation. If any of my readers ever get to make it out toward the D.C. area I would strongly recommend two possible places to stay. The Holiday Inn Capitol and The Westin. The Westin is actually just outside of D.C. in Arlington, Virginia. One of the articles that I wrote this past week while I was on vacation featured President Trump giving an executive order that would allow the families of illegal immigrant criminals who are not covered by DACA protections to stay together instead of being separated. I discussed why this executive order would never be seen as a good thing by those on the political left and social justice warriors. In an article that I wrote shortly after that one I had told my readers about how Time Magazine has been caught in a lie with the promotion of fake news. I can not remember the last time that there has been a week when immigration was not one of the hottest topics being argued among our own people.

The Democrats and the social justice warriors should really be careful when it comes to deciding what they want to fight about. They may control the main stream media but some how the truth always has a way of coming out. When that happens it does not make the left or the media look good at all but instead reminds intelligent Americans who have found themselves free of the matrix what the true colors of the media and those who wish to control us really are. It makes us that much more determined to try and free the minds of others by sharing the truth about their heroes like Obama for an example. As bad as people may have thought that President Trump’s zero tolerance policy was when it was separating families at the border it is nothing compared to what the Obama administration was doing.

All of this time that the left have been pointing their finger at President Trump and calling those who vote for him and support him a Nazi they have been covering some lies of their own. It wasn’t President Trump who put the policies into place. President Trump has been enforcing policies that were put into place before he even decided to run for President. The champion of social justice warriors and leftist everywhere former President Obama makes President Trump look like an angel when what the two Presidents have done on this issue is compared. Leftist and social justice warriors who need America to think that President Trump is the Antichrist would love to be able to magically erase 2014-2015 from history during the migrant crisis. The media has tried to sweep it under the rug by not mentioning it in recent times.

I normally am not one who believes in helping the enemy but I am in a giving mood as I sit here writing this. The next time that those of you who want to try to control what Americans think and pull on our heart strings while speaking out against President Trump wish to keep something quiet you should probably make sure that everyone gets the memo. Thankfully that did not happen this time. On a recent CNN appearance the Democrat Rep. of the lone star state of Texas Henry Cuellar shined a great big spot light right down on President Obama’s administration and its activities. He spoke of how President Obama’s administration lied to the American people by trying to cover up how bad the illegal immigration situation really was.

During his interview with CNN’s own Frederica Whitfield he was asked if he saw any parallels between what is happening today with the Trump administration and what occurred just a couple years ago when President Obama was the one in power. When she asked the question that she did Whitfield presented images of children in cages.

This had to be one of the most beautiful interviews that I have seen a Democrat give in a long time because Henry Cuellar answered her question when he said, “I don’t know what images you’re using, but I released some of those photos, because it was kept quiet under the Obama administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet. And I don’t know which image you’re using, but I released some photos that I had done about those young kids who were kept there. And keep in mind, when they talk about putting some of the young kids in those centers, not all of them are being separated. Some of them are coming alone…some of them are coming on their own. So it’s not a matter that every single child that we have in those centers are being separated because some of them are coming alone.”

At this point if you were a Democrat who knew that this was meant to be kept secret you were probably praying to God that CNN would some how lose its signal and stop broadcasting to the rest of America. You may have even been praying to God for lightning to strike Henry Cuellar right about now before it could get any worse since no one told this guy to keep his mouth shut. Fortunately for myself and others like me who support President Trump God doesn’t watch CNN and he sure as hell wasn’t listening to the prayers coming from the Democrats. I on the other hand was very happy to sit on the edge of my seat while I cheered on the inside for him to keep talking and never stop. He made the situation even worse for the Democrats and social justice warriors who need America to hate President Trump.

Henry Cuellar told CNN, “keep in mind that under the law, you can separate a child if that person, the adult, is not the real parent or custodian because sometimes we see situations where they’ll bring a child because they know the policy that we have over here with  children.”

In just under two minutes Henry Cuellar quickly became MVP for those who support President Trump. He sunk the Democrats and social justice warriors with three things that they never wanted the rest of America to learn. First, the Obama administration did the same thing that President Trump is doing today, in fact they were even worse than President Trump. Second, the Obama administration kept it quiet and tried to keep the American people from ever learning about it. Third, a lot of the children in these centers were never even separated from their family since they weren’t with their family to begin with when they entered the United States. Fourth, since these criminals who choose to break our laws and enter our country illegally know our policies a lot of the children who entered our country weren’t even brought here by their own parents. Instead they were brought in by criminals looking to take advantage of our laws.

Someone should really call Ripley’s believe it or not because it isn’t every day that America gets to see CNN or a Democrat tell the truth. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning ten consecutive times in the same exact spot than you do seeing CNN or the Democrats tell the truth. Cancel that call I just got off the phone with Ripley. He said, “I don’t believe it.”

While this may have been a good place to end the article I thought it was important to keep digging because now this brings me to an important question. Just exactly how much worse was the Obama administration in comparison to the Trump administration and what are they trying to hide from us? In 2016 New York magazine exposed the fact that the United States government had placed an unknown number of Central American migrant children under the care of human traffickers after the government failed to properly scan the backgrounds of these caregivers so that they could be sure of who they were giving these kids to.

While the Democrats and social justice warriors would like to blame President Trump for everything this is not something that they could blame him for because he was not even a Presidential candidate when this travesty occurred. The horrific mismanagement of these children occurred in 2013. Imagine the irreparable psychological harm that such inhumane conditions did to those children who were turned into the victims of the Democrats and social justice warriors when they were just handed over to human traffickers. These children had fled the horrors of their own countries and had hopes of a better life here in the United States only for President Obama’s administration to turn around and hand them over into child slavery. Although there is no record of the exact number of children who ended up in child slavery it is known for a fact that at least six of them ended up on an egg farm in Marion, Ohio where they were forced to work 12 hours a day under the threat of death if they did not meet daily standards of production.

Right about now there should be some light bulbs going on above a lot of your heads, because that’s right. Around the same time that pictures of children sleeping in cages that President Trump’s administration have been blamed for were actually taken during the Obama administration, the Obama administration were placing foreign children into slavery. It is intolerable that human trafficking should be able to occur in our own backyard here in the United States, but what made it even worse is that the Democrats and social justice warriors were a willing supplier of slaves for human traffickers.

When the detention centers became overfilled with migrant children the Obama era Department of Health and Human services placed these children into the care of people who were supposed to provide a foster home type environment and oversee the care of these minors while their bids for refugee status could be reviewed. The Obama administration had failed to do their job in determining whether or not the children would be safe with who they were being placed with or if they were being placed with egg farmers and child molesters. Between the years 2013-2015 the Department of Health and Human sources only performed in person  visits on 5 percent of the cases for children that the Obama administration were responsible for. A special senate investigation that was built upon an Associated Press report found that over two dozen unaccompanied illegal immigrant children were placed in homes where they were sexually abused, starved, or forced into slave labor.

Over 90,000 immigrant children found themselves placed into the sponsorship program after they crossed the United States border. The reason that there isn’t an exact number that is known of how many of those children found themselves in situations where they were sexually abused, starved, or forced into slave labor is because under the Obama administration the Department of Health and Human sources didn’t keep records.

After such horror stories that these children had to endure because of the negligence of the Obama administration first started coming to light the Democrats and social justice warriors did everything that they could to keep it from ever reaching the ears of the general public. The main stream media avoided these stories like the plague all in the name of protecting President Obama. Now that they no longer have to worry about President Obama the main stream media has no problem keeping the topic of immigration in the spot light for Americans everywhere to fight over. Just as long as they can keep their part in what the children had to endure quiet and hidden from the rest of America.



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