General Jeb Stuart Is One More Confederate War Hero Who Has Found Himself Buried And Forgotten In The Politically Correct Era

In another example of the political left and social justice warriors trying to erase the history of America, the Richmond Public School board recently voted to change the name of J.E.B Stuart Elementary to Barack Obama Elementary School. This is in no way a surprise but Barack Obama Elementary School was one of the seven finalist. The decision to name the school after what this writer feels was one of America’s biggest mistakes for a President was passed with by the Richmond Public School board six votes to one. The decision to change the schools name was made earlier this year by the Richmond Public School board when they voted. It was eight votes to one in favor of changing the school name.

The reason changing the schools name is because Jeb Stuart was a civil war general who fought for the wrong side in the eyes of social justice warriors, the politically correct, and those who are too afraid to be seen as racist to speak up against the idea of changing the school name. That’s right. Jeb Stuart was a confederate general in the civil war. There is not a better place or a more significant place for a school to show that every soldier who has ever fought in America’s history is remembered and given the honor that they deserve than the capital of the Confederate States of America Richmond, Virginia.

As an American who is proud of his heritage and the history of our great nation it sickens me to see so many buildings having their names changed, because the social justice warriors and minorities across the United States wish to rewrite our European American history. Even worse than rewriting it, they are effectively trying to bury our history. Jeb Stuart Elementary school is not the first school that was named after a confederate war hero to lose its name. Further south in the state of Mississippi the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees bowed to pressure from the social justice warriors and minorities when they decided to take a school that had been named after the only president to serve the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, and rename it in honor of Obama.

Why doesn’t all of America just go to the nearest store and buy some chap stick so we can pucker up and kiss the a** of every social justice warrior and minority that we come across? I don’t even have to be there in person to imagine how happy such a decision must make the student body that is 90 percent African American. Well lets throw a parade, there is another school named after Obama. Yay. I’m being sarcastic. Monday nights vote has put an end to half a year of debate in the Richmond region when it comes to confederate names.

There are 100 schools in the United States that are named after prominent members of the Confederate States of America according to a report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Out of those 100 schools 15 of them are in Virginia. The only state to have more schools named after prominent members of the Confederate States of America is the lone star state itself, Texas. Texas holds the record at 36 schools. Virginia does hold the record for the most symbol of the confederacy at 242. Of course, as long as those who are afraid to be called racist stay quiet while allowing minorities and social justice warriors to have their way then that number will no doubt change as well as more of our history gets buried and erased from sight.


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