Did Deviating From Protocol Help President Trump Come Closer To Succeeding Where Others Have Failed?

There will always be something for the left to complain about. No matter what President Trump does he will never make the political left happy. If it is not one thing it is another. At the moment these people who wanted Hillary Clinton for their president are complaining because video released  by North Korean state media shows President Trump returning the salute that he received from a North Korean general during the summit that took place in Singapore earlier this week. Being saluted by the President of the United States is one of the highest honors that someone serving in the military could ever receive.

In the military, it is a long standing tradition to return the salute of a military officer that comes from a friendly foreign nation. More important than being a long standing tradition returning a salute is considered a display of military professionalism and respect. It is not written anywhere in the Standard operating procedure handbook that the President of the United States must return a salute that he receives. It is this reason that those who stand against President Trump are complaining about the President showing mutual respect for a North Korean general.

Our President and the leader of North Korea respectfully shook each others hands before they entered a room that had various members of Kim’s delegation waiting for them. President Trump made his way down the line of delegates shaking the hand of each member before he reached the full uniformed North Korean General No Kwang Chol. At first President Trump extended his hand outward to shake the general’s hand like he had done with the other delegates. When the President offered his hand out to the war hero of North Korea, General No Kwang Chol raised his hand in formal military salute of our President. President Trump returned General No Kwang Chol’s salute before he extended his right hand out to the general once more. After both men had saluted each other General Kwang Chol shook our President’s hand.

There is a time to follow protocol and a time when not to follow it. President Trump seems to understand this very well. The political left who wanted Hillary Clinton for their President on the other hand have not seemed to learn that there is a time for protocol and a time not to follow it. The goal of the day was to show respect to Kim and his entourage. President Trump succeeded in accomplishing that goal when he showed complete respect for each member that he was introduced to including returning General No Kwang Chol’s salute. Sarah Sanders has stood against those who complain about President Trump showing respect for a military person as she has stated that President Trump was just using common courtesy.

The decision that President Trump made to salute General No Kwang Ghol is nothing that he has shown a history of doing before. It is no secret that President Trump holds a high respect for anyone who would serve in the military no matter what country’s military they find themselves serving in. President Trump frequently salutes men and women that he sees in a military uniform. Anyone who was at the summit or has followed the news would know that President Trump also saluted Singapore military officials while he was there visiting the summit with Kim.

There are some who would feel that the President Trump has played right into the hands of North Korean propaganda about their legitimacy in the world stage. That is how they would like for us to see it. The truth is that it is respect that has allowed President Trump to come closer to succeeding where every other leader before him has failed. President Trump has ushered in a new era for North Korea and the relationship it shares with the rest of the world. President Trump showing the respect that he did has allowed the United States and North Korea to enter into an agreement that commits both countries to working toward peace and complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Straying away from protocol has allowed tensions between the United States and North Korea to reach an all time low. This is a remarkable development that everyone in the United States no matter what side of the political line should be celebrating when we look back and consider that just a few months ago both countries had their finger on the trigger that would have started nuclear war.

It has often been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result. President Trump no doubt has learned from the past and seen where leaders before him have failed. It is not known yet whether President Trump will be fully successful in his goals where North Korea is concerned, but one thing that is known is this. By doing something different he has come closer to success than any other leader before him. Everything in life has its place. There is a time for protocol and following the Standard Operating Procedure handbook. Every great leader knows this. They also know that there is a time to think outside the box. This is an area where President Trump has shown he is one of the best over and over again.

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