In A Move That Puts Italians First Italy Says No To Migrants Trying To Reach Western Europe

Refugees on a boat crossing the Mediterranean sea, heading from Turkish coast to the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos, 29 January 2016.

There is a new government administration in Italy and it seems to share the same sentiment that our own President has when it comes to putting Americans first. For the new government in Italy it is past the time for Italy to put Italians first. That is exactly what they have started to do. The new “Italians first” government claimed an important victory Monday morning. A rescue vessel called the Aquarius has been stuck in the Mediterranean sea since Saturday when Italy refused to allow it to unload its 629 migrant passengers. As an American who has been following the problems caused by mass migration and how they have affected western Europe I am proud to see Western Europeans finally learning the word, no.

When Italy refused to allow the 629 migrants to be unloaded on their docks they demanded that Malta take the migrants instead. Malta refused to open their ports to the rescue vessel Sunday morning. This left the ship filled with 629 migrants floating in the Mediterranean Seas with no where to go. If the count is accurate out of the 629 migrants onboard the Aquarius only 11 of them are children and 7 of them are pregnant women. After seeing the 629 migrants stranded out in the Mediterranean sea with no where to go and neither Italy or Malta backing down from their refusal to allow the migrants access to their docks Spain came to their aid Monday. It was the move by Spain that granted the new “Italians first” government its important victory.

Instead of leaving the 629 migrants out on the Mediterranean sea where they belong and forcing them to turn back to

Pedro Sanchez

where they came from or try to swim back, Spain’s new socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez ordered the authorities in Valencia to prepare for the Aquarius’s arrival. Unfortunately, there will always be a bleeding heart or two out there for these kind of people to find no matter how much trouble migrants have brought to Western Europeans in the past it seems. Prime Minister Sanchez defended his decision to open up the ports in Valencia when he said, “it’s our duty to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a secure port for these people.”

It is this writers personal opinion that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and any other leaders of western countries that allow migrants to enter their territory are nothing short of complete idiots who are just trying to further press a left leaning agenda upon their own people that has tried to claim that we need more diversity. While it can not be argued that every single individual migrant that enters western countries whether it be in Europe or the United States are evil history has proven to us time and again that a greater number of these kind of people refuse to assimilate themselves into our own cultures while they bring their own culture into our territory. The United States and Western Europe need to change their attitudes and take a more “not our people, not our problem” mentality while shooting what migrants might try to enter the country despite being turned away.

If the Aquarius would have arrived in the Mediterranean seas just outside of Italy and Malta a few weeks ago there is a very real chance that the vessel may have received a different answer from Italy. One of the many promises that Italy’s new government made before it took power back on June 1 was that other European Union countries will now be forced to step up and share in the burden of caring for asylum seekers that try to reach Europe on unseaworthy smugglers boats.

It was reported by the Herald Whig that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, “evidently it pays to raise one’s

Matteo Salvini

voice, something Italy hasn’t done as long as one can remember.”

The 629 migrants aboard the Aquarius welcomed Spain’s offer of docking rights at Valencia as good news even though the offer does not provide them with a quick or easy solution to the situation that they have themselves in. As of Monday evening the vessel was more than 750 nautical miles from Valencia and still awaiting its instructions to continue its voyage to Spain as the weather conditions continue to get worse. It was not yet clear if it was doable for the Aquarius to take the days necessary to continue sailing west to Spain.

Out of the 629 migrants that are aboard the Aquarius trying to reach Europe 120 of them are minors that are travelling alone. Several had water in their lungs and have suffered hypothermia, burns, and other injuries, from a mix of boat fuel and seawater while in their traffickers boat. There are a lot of bleeding hearts out there right now who are probably thinking oh my god, those poor people. I personally see no reason to feel sorry for these poor unfortunate people. They either placed themselves in this situation or their families put them in it if they didn’t have a choice. It is not yet known how many of those “minors” really are minors instead of grown men pretending to be minors as we have seen a large number of migrants entering western countries do in the past.

The country of Malta feels more mercy for these people than I do as they ferried food and water out to the Aquarius Monday after it was discovered that the vessel was running short on supplies. This is the kind of bleeding heart response and treatment that encourages migrants to continue coming to our countries. Once you have fed a stray cat it does not go away. Instead it keeps coming back since the animal now knows where it can get food and attention. It is my personal experience based upon research that a large number of migrants are no different than any other stray animal.

The new government in Italy has promised to block other rescue boats as well. They are not just signaling out the Aquarius. Another rescue vessel, the Dutch-flagged Sea-Watch 3 would be met with the same refusal from Italy that greeted the Aquarius. Both rescue vessels have rescued migrants in the waters off the coast of Libya. This area is known to have a large number of human smugglers and migrants hoping that they will be granted asylum. Migrants who have survived the journey to Europe in the past have reported a horrible environment in migrant detention centers that create a situation where torture, rape, beatings, and being served low rations are the norm. This clearly demonstrates that even before they are rescued by ships like the Aquarius and the Sea-Watch 3 a lot of these people that are leaving their various countries behind have no real interest in assimilating into the cultures of western countries. The animals will rape and torture their own before they reach western Europe where they will rape young western European women and children.

Given that they feel the Aquarius had no emergency Italy made the decision to appeal to other European countries to take responsibility for their own share of migrants so that Italy does not get stuck again in having to manage the migratory flows. A European Union agreement dictates that whatever country of the European Union the asylum seekers arrive in must care for them until decisions are made regarding their asylum requests. The process of approving or declining ones application for asylum can last up to several years. The country of Italy has stopped bending over and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by the other members of the European Union as well as the invading migrants. This time Italy says no.


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