It Is Time For Americans Everywhere To Let Their Voice Be Heard Once More With The Power Of Their Vote

It has often been said that the most important voice that any American has is their vote. With mid term elections here already it is important that Americans make their voices heard. Americans who are responsible for placing our President in office during the 2016 election have gotten off to a good start at making their voices heard. I am included in that group of Americans since I am one of the many who voted for President Trump over whatever that woman’s name is. The one who won’t shut up and just go away. In two states supporters of President Trump have let it be known to members of our own party that if they aren’t with us and loyal to President Trump then they are against us. If they are against us it is time to get out of the way and we’ll continue to move forward without them. The spirit of Make America Great Again is still very much alive.

South Carolina and Virginia are proof that there are still more of us who wish to see America become great again than there are who wish for things to stay the same. A conservative critic from the state of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, got to see first hand what myself and others who are loyal to our President thought of his criticism of President Trump. For a long time now he has been a critic of the man that we put in office as he has criticized President Trump on issues such as tariffs and civil liberties.

Approximately three hours before the polls closed in the state of South Carolina President Trump went after Mark Sanford on twitter as he tweeted, “Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina. I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. VOTE Katie!”

The President’s tweet brought back memories of when Mark Sanford’s name was connected to more than its share of headlines after having an affair with an Argentinian woman named María Belén Chapur. When news of his affair with Chapur, Mark Sanford lied to the citizens of South Carolina and tried to claim that he was hiking the Appalachian trail. Mark Sanford, you were disloyal to your wife when you had the affair. You were disloyal to the people of South Carolina when you tried to lie to all of them about it. You were disloyal to President Trump. Out with the old and in with the new, time for you to get lost.

South Carolina state legislator Katie Arrington took the win from Mark Sanford with 50.6 percent of the vote compared to his 46.5 percent of the vote. That .6 percent of the vote was just enough to put Arrington over the top and avoid a run off between the top two contenders. Now the people of South Carolina just need to push her forward to victory when the month of November gets here and it becomes time to vote in the congressional elections.

The other big election of that happened last night came from Virginia and featured Corey Stewart who has been one of President Trump’s biggest supporters. This conservative who once found himself fired from a volunteer position in 2016 during President Trump’s successful campaign has redeemed himself in the eyes of President Trump and those of us who put the President in office. President Trump was quick to back Corey Stewart and give him his blessing as he tweeted, “Congratulations to Corey Stewart for his great victory for Senator from Virginia. Now he runs against a total stiff, Tim Kaine, who is weak on crime and borders, and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. Don’t underestimate Corey, a major chance of winning!”

Whether you are a supporter of President Trump or someone who is against him it is important to remember that unless you do your civic responsibility as an American citizen and vote when the people need you to let your voice be heard then your voice and your opinion are worth as much as tits on a mule. It isn’t just your right to vote and make your voice be heard. It is your patriotic duty as an American. Don’t let me or anyone else silence your voices. Get out there and make your voice count. Get out there and vote.


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Alex Roberts
Writer for Halsey News My political beliefs go to the right.I voted for Trump in the 2016 election. I will probably do so again in 2020 as long as there are no major changes between what he accomplishes and what he promised.