Robert De Niro And Others Gave President Trump The Spotlight At Tony Awards

It is in the book of Ecclesiastes found in the Bible that we are told for everything there is a time. A time to live and a time to die. The same can be said for the career of Hollywood actor Robert De Niro. There was a time when his name by itself actually meant something. I mean lets face it movies like Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Taxi Driver, and Casino will always be remembered. The time that his name actually meant something like everything else in life had its end. That period of time in Hollywood came to an end about the same time that Meet the Parents came out. For the last twenty years or so the once great Hollywood actor has been struggling to stay relevant. It seems that the only way Robert De Niro knows how to keep from being forgotten is by dropping the F bomb on live tv.

At the recent Tony Awards Robert De Niro was chosen to be the one to introduce a long time friend of his whose name I have no doubt my readers will recognize. The one, the only, the boss Bruce Springsteen. This was a time when the words that Robert De Niro spoke to the live audience at the theatre should have had something to do with Bruce Springsteen. Instead the words that he chose to introduce his friend Bruce Springsteen were aimed some place else. He allowed President Trump to take the spotlight of his political introduction of the boss Bruce Springsteen.

Less than a month after Roseanne lost her show after an ill timed tweet on Twitter, Robert De Niro was heard very clearly by everyone in the Radio City Music audience as he dropped the F bomb more than once in regards to President Trump. The rest of America that was sitting at home watching the event live on tv heard a few moments of silence before he raised his hands in the air in victory to a standing ovation from the people in the Radio City Music audience.

Just when I thought that the biggest idiot that the Democrats had to offer was Nanci Pelosi, the Hollywood actor Robert De Niro went and proved me wrong. The left once again displayed their hypocrisy as they celebrated the words of De Niro. I personally can not help laughing when I consider their celebration at getting themselves shot in the foot by one of their own. Now it is time for those of us who voted for President Trump in the last election to stand our ground even more determined and vote for President Trump again in 2020. With people like Nanci Pelosi and Robert De Niro speaking for everyone who stands in opposition of President Trump it may be even easier than I thought it would be for us to put our man in office for another four years.

Even Globalist like Richard Haas are worried about how this may impact everything.


If there was any part of me at all that liked the left and social justice warriors I would feel embarrassed for them when I see how they think that this prehistoric has been some how represents a victory for them. Robert De Niro knows that his time has come and gone which is why he uses these public outbursts laced with foul language to put himself back in the spotlight. Ever since the days of Analyze This and Meet The Parents Robert De Niro has not performed in a movie that has really been anything more than slightly less than average at best. Movie fans who are old enough to remember a time when this actor was actually a Hollywood big name can find the rest of his career some where in history between the Dinosaurs and the start of modern civilization. These days Robert De Niro is just another paycheck employee.

When he was asked about Robert De Niro, the author of American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis said, “they talk about De Niro walking through roles, just collecting the money, and I do think that’s true, I’ve heard from financiers that if you have the money De Niro will be in anything, and that he seems to just have checked out, that he knows in a way the gig is up and he’s just getting to the finish line.”

Men like Ric Flair and Michael Jordan knew when they had reached that point in their life that it was time to close the door and begin a new stage of their life. There are few things as pathetic as a man as old as a man who could have been there to be an eye witness to the events of Sodom and Gomorrah who worked so hard to be great and is now destroying his own legacy.

For a large group of people who do not like President Trump they gave him plenty of attention at the Tony awards. Robert De Niro was not the only one who spoke of President Trump at the event. MSN Entertainment reports that playwright Tony Kushner dropped an F bomb of his own when he let it be known that he agreed with De Niro’s feelings toward the current President of the United States. He took things even further when he referred to President Trump’s presidency as “the Hitler mistake” that put a “borderline psychotic narcissist in the White House.”

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