New Right To Try Bill Gives The Sick And Dying New Right To Fight

It would seem that once again the Democrats are not too happy with President Trump. This really is not anything new. They have not been happy with President Trump since he took office. Every day there are a large number of terminally ill Americans who are dying while they and their families believe that nothing more can be done. Three days ago President Trump changed all of that. Thanks to President Trump these terminally ill American’s now have a greater fighting chance for life than they had before. President Trump went against the wishes of the Democrats and signed the “right to try” bill into law.

With the stroke of a pen and his name on the bill President Trump has given thousands of American’s and their families one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to a person. Hope. The terminally ill can now legally try drug treatments that have not yet been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. It gives them a fighting chance at being able to survive and stay with their families longer. Families can now try harder to help save their loved ones than they could before. Thousands of terminally ill patients and their families surrounded President Trump as he signed his name to the “right to try” bill and gave them this amazing gift.

Despite their differences Sen. Joe Donnelly was an important element in getting this bill to pass. President Trump is grateful to the senator for all of his work on this bill. The only other Democrat who helped pass this bill was Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Both senators find themselves in a vulnerable position, because they are up for re-election.

The Democrats would like us to believe that they are against this bill, because it could place patients in danger. These are the same people who want to give hormone treatments to your transgender son or daughter before they are old enough to vote. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey told the Hill, “FDA oversight of access to experimental treatments exists for a reason — it protects patients from potential snake oil salesmen or from experimental treatments that might do more harm than good.”

Opponents to the bill argue that the “right to try” bill gives terminally ill patients and their families “false hope,” since drug makers are not required to give drugs to patients who request them. After looking into it more I believe that it opens more doors to those who doctors have resigned to dying.

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden shared my view when he told The Hill, “While a long time coming, today is a monumental win for patients desperately seeking the ‘right to try’ investigational treatments and therapies. With ‘right to try’ being the law of the land, we are confident that the Trump Administration, and FDA Commissioner [Scott] Gottlieb, will take both congressional intent and the safety of patients into consideration when implementing this important law.”

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