The Never Ending Story 4: why did Hillary Clinton lose the election?

In recent years it seems that America has become a land where remakes of past films have become the new normal. We had a remake of Ghostbusters that came out not too long ago. For the sake of being politically correct that film featured four women in the lead roles. Now I have nothing against women holding leading roles as long as they are actually capable doing so. I do however have something against taking an awesome movie from the 80s and taking a crap on it. More recently they remade the film Overboard. If you have not seen the remake of it yet starring Anna Farris, do yourself a favor and take a lighter to the money that you were going to spend to see that film in the first place. It’d be much less painful. Do you all know what one of the absolute best movies from the 80s was? Wolfgang Peterson’s first english speaking film The NeverEnding Story. It was made back in 1984. A lot of you may already know this, but there are some people who are making what is either a remake of the original film or a late addition to the film series. It’s called The Never Ending Story: why did Hillary Clinton lose the election? It’s been in the works ever since the day after President Trump won the election.

This woman is just an example of why women are given a bad name. She is not capable of saying she lost the election. It’s her own fault. Instead she has pointed the finger at every direction possible for why she lost the election and said its this persons fault or that persons fault that she lost. It has been almost two years already. Someone needs to put a ball gag in this woman’s mouth and just shut her the hell up please. Until this woman is ready to woman up and take responsibility for her own loss then she needs to be silenced. Hillary Clinton’s never ending story needs to come to an end. First it featured how she was a victim of the FBI director James Comey. Then it was Vladimir Putin. After that it was WikiLeaks. She was also an unfair victim of the working class of America. She was even a victim of Bernie Sanders who dared to have the audacity to run against her instead of getting on the Hillary Clinton train and toeing the line like a good boy. It just never ends. It’s a lot like the song from an old childhood show that was on during the 90s. I can’t remember the name of the show but I can remember the lamb who used to sing it. The lyrics to that song were, “this is the song that doesn’t end. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was. And they’ll continue singing it forever just because….” If that damn lamb could be gagged certainly someone can put a muzzle on Hillary.

Now  some more groups of people have been added to her list of never ending excuses for why she lost the election. Those groups are socialist, younger voters, and corporate America. The greed of corporate America have turned Democrats into socialists according to the woman. Younger Americans victimized her when they wouldn’t vote for her because she identified herself as a capitalist after big business executives gave capitalism a bad name. In a recent interview that the woman did she said that her economic policies were hard to get primary voters to approve of and get behind. The moment that she would tell people that she’s a capitalist it became a witch hunt. OH MY GOD SHE’S A CAPITALIST. BURN THE WITCH.

I feel so sorry for the witch that we know as Hillary Clinton. Her high status in American society that will forever keep the Clintons name connected with politics much like the same way the Kennedys are has allowed her a fortune like I will never see in my life time. In fact I would be willing to bet that 99 percent of America will never know what it is like to have 45 million or more readily at their finger tips. No, I really do feel sorry for her. In fact you can find my pity for her in my thoughts some where in between gee this seat makes my ass hurt and I want to screw the waitress.

Hillary Clinton recently complained to the “Shared Value Leadership Summit” that the view of capitalism has been ruined for younger voters. She blames that on the fact that big name corporate America are in her own opinion disrupting America’s democracy by making the income divide even worse. Her answer to fixing this problem is the removal of Republicans from office in the upcoming 2018 mid term elections. It should be noted that the very behaviors that she feels turned the younger generation of voters against capitalists is just capitalism being capitalism. The attitude of most capitalist is the same as it always has been. No matter what she would try to have us believe corporate America has never put the little man who works for them on an equal ground of importance with its investors as making a buck. The truth is corporate America would stop and pick up a dollar bill before they called 911 if I were ever on fire.

It wasn’t corporate America who made this country great the first time. It was people like you and me. It was a group of workers who for a moment forced corporate America to negotiate with us that made America great the first time. These were the people who raised the ceiling for many of the families of Americans that live from one pay check to another. These are the people who President Trump sided with. The states that he visited during his campaign are proof of that. He took the time to get to know the little people. And it was the little people who put him into office, because it is people like myself who made America great the first time. With our vote we took a step forward to making America great again.

Instead of supporting the American dream, the Clintons have always stood in the way of it. After graduating from a proud institution that has produced more than its fair share of leaders, Yale university, the Clintons moved to Arkansas. It was in Arkansas that they laid the foundation for the DLC. One of the very first things that the DLC did was turn its back on America’s working class. Thank you so much for that Hillary. The DLC turned its back on its commitments to social justice, racial equality, and the Democrats allied themselves with corporate America.

Hillary Clinton didn’t care about those who are trusted with the responsibility of educating America’s young minds. She led the attack on the teachers union in Arkansas and supported the refused to back the repeal of right to work laws. While she was doing this she was working for a law firm that had been hired to represent big business. During her husbands term as president Hillary and Bill brought an end to poor families receiving cash assistance. This move has hurt a lot of disadvantaged Americans. Then they gained the favor of corporate America with the creation of a little something that we call NAFTA.

The woman has a long history of siding with those who are members of the high class super rich of America over the little people. Too long for me to go into detail about all of it. Thankfully to the fact that she committed political suicide with her American shaming remarks that she made in the Middle East she is hopefully no longer the threat to the little people of America that she once was. These comments that she made left Democrats no choice but to try to put as much distance between themselves and Hillary Clinton as possible. While her political career is all but over Americans should not allow themselves to become deceived by the Democrats. The Democrats are still in bed with corporate America as much as they have ever been. When one head of a the snake is cut off, another one will grow in its place. Who in the DNC is the next Hillary Clinton? I don’t have that answer yet. But I do have to ask this. Will the never ending story of Hillary Clinton ever come to an end?


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