Does New South Carolina Law Infringe On First Amendment Rights of Americans?

Hi everybody. Alex Roberts here. My Saturday night is slowly coming to an end which sadly means that the weekend is half over for a lot of people. I hope that you have all been having a good weekend so far. So I am going to talk to all of you about something that I found particularly interesting. I was going through google when I came across an article on a news source that I can only assume is based some place in the Middle East because of its name that really jumped out at me. The article can be found on . It is titled “Critics denounce South Carolina’s new anti-Semitism  law.”

First of all, incase there are any of my readers out there who wondering why this article leaps out at me its because I live some where in the state of South Carolina. Yes, I know where I live. No, I don’t intend to tell any of  you, my readers, where I live and we’ll just leave it at that. Well, maybe. If any of you have the means to give me a couple million dollars to live on for the rest of my life so that I don’t have to work anymore I’ll consider it. I didn’t even know that this law was on the table or where it came from, but according to the slug of the article it was just recently passed.

Apparently civil rights activists are opposing a part of the bill that was recently passed and turned into law, because it equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. If this is true and isn’t some form of fake news bullshit the new bill categorizes any criticism of Israel in public schools or state college as being anti-Semitic. I am guessing that means that when on public school grounds or the grounds of a state college you can’t even question what the country of Israel does.

For the last two years people have tried to get this law passed. It failed to pass both times the last two years as a law that stood on its own because of people questioning the legality of it when holding it to that important document written all those years ago that we call the Constitution. After repeated failures to get it out in as its own stand alone law those in favor of the new law got it passed as a rider. The new law is set to expire next year.

The supporters of this new law see any criticism of Israel a as anti-Semitic. Others feel that this new law is more politically motivated and less about anti-Semitism. I am personally one of Israel’s supporters which can probably be seen through some of my most recent articles. I am against the idea of being able to use racist terms like n****er  however as a supporter of the first amendment it is my belief that people should be allowed to ask questions.

South Carolina state Senator Brad Huto does not share my own concerns. It is his contention that this new law will not infringe on the first amendment rights of the Americans who call South Carolina their home. When it comes to everyday general talk he may be right. I don’t know anyone who just randomly insults Israel in the middle of everyday general talk. However, my concerns are about the academic environment that these facilities are supposed to provide. There needs to be a clear line that separates genuine academic debate and questions  from anti-Semitic hatred.

Speech that  promotes prejudiced views of any group whether it is gender, race, tedious beliefs, political, must be opposed by everyone. Speech that questions a groups policies and their beliefs needs to be protected because without it nobody would ever have to be acountable.

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